Chapter 13: Conversations

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I had never run out of my apartment faster. Not even when I'd argued with Willow and had run out of there like it was on fire. Gideon was getting on a train to Boston. Apparently, he'd told Stephanie about Marie's 'visit' and how upset it had really made him. About how much he wanted to make sure that she never, ever, came back to hurt any of us ever again. He wanted to be absolutely certain that our mother wouldn't destroy the family that we'd made, and I completely understood his paranoia. As much as I tried to keep what our mother did away from them, it hadn't always been easy. While our mothers' name hadn't been specifically mentioned, in every paper that we found describing a scandal about some rich and famous family and then that day our mother would come home with a bag of cash and a huge smile...well, they weren't stupid kids. They'd put two and two together. Not to mention, they'd caught me once ripping out the pages on the entire scandal from one of the magazines Marie had brought home. As if that was her trophy.

And now, Gideon was about to get on a train to do who knows what to 'scare off' Marie.

Xavier was driving his Ford Mustang GT and the engine roared as he sped down the highway towards the train station. Thankfully it was only a five minute drive from my apartment, but we had no idea what time the train was leaving, or if he'd found a different train that would take him earlier. We had no idea when he left, how long it took him to walk all the way to the train station or if he'd gotten a cab. There was no record of anything because Gideon was too smart for his own good and had used the cash he'd stolen from my wallet. There was no way to be certain if we would be able to stop him before he got onto that train or if we'd have to follow him to Boston. The one good thing about having the police with you was their ability to call ahead and find out who was there and what trains had already left or were about to leave for Boston. Our only problem now was finding Gideon.

"Call him

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"Call him." Xavier said as we raced into the train station, the police all around us. Detective Portland was right beside us as I scrambled for my phone. We stopped as Detective Portland waved the other officers to fan out and start looking for Gideon and I clicked on Gideon's name in my phone. Holding it up to my right ear, Xavier leaned into me to listen as we waited for him to answer. It rang and rang and rang, and for a moment I thought he wasn't going to pick up.

"Lani." Gideon's voice was somewhat garbled and I could hear a lot of noise in the background, but still I released the breath I was holding in relief at his voice.

"Gideon!" I cried. "Please Gideon, where are you?"

"It doesn't matter." He said, he sounded angry, tired and sad.

"Gideon—"I started.

"No, Lani." He snapped, his voice became less garbled, like he'd moved. "We can't rely on you forever, and I have to do this."

"Do what?" I asked softly, hoping that what Stephanie had said wasn't true.

"Keep Marie away." Another whoosh of air left my lungs.

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