Truth Or Dare...Cullen Style

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Bellas POV

"Rosalie truth or dare?" "dare." she answered confidently. Edward smiled. " I dare you to call Mike Newton and make out with him for 15 minutes. In front of everyone. and when your done slap him and say he's the worst kisser ever.. Consequence is to let Jacob cut your hair blindfolded." She gasped. Well this was gonna be interesting...

She picked Mike Newton. We all drove over to his house and hid in the bushes. Rosalie glared at Edward before she walked up to the porch. We all heard the knock, and Mike's small gasp as he saw her. She had to put on a slutty outfit too.

Rosalies POV.

Oh Edward was soo gonna pay for this. I didn't think how. Obviously he could hear me. My family hid in the bushes of Mike's house and I went up to his door. They had also forced me to put on this really short dress with really high heels. I knocked twice and waited. He opened the door. I heard his slight intake of breath, and smiled slightly. I grabbed his hand, and pulled him to the side of his house right in front of the bushes. *Edward. I am going to kill you for this.* I thought. I took a deep breath, leaned in, and kissed him. His lips tasted cherry chapstick and.. licorice? I don't know. It's been so long since I tasted those things. For the next 15 minutes we kissed each other by the side of his house. When we finally pulled back, i fake gagged and slapped him. "You are the worst kisser evver! Eww!" I screeched. Then I stomped away, into the woods. My family came and found me and they were cracking up. Purposely, I thought of the best nights with Emmett, lingering on the details. Edward cringed. "Rose. Gah! ROSE!" he screeched. We were back at the house now. I looked at Bella, blocking my thoughts. "Bella Truth or Dare?" I asked innocently. She was onto me. "Truth" she stated firmly. I smiled. I still had a good one for her. " Who would you want to have sex with if you had to choose? Emmett, Jasper, Mike, or Carlise?" I laughed. "WHAT!?" she screeched.

Edwards POV

I gasped. Bella looked at me pleadingly. * HELP!* she screamed in her head. She must have lfted her shield. I shrugged helplessly. She sighed and looked down at the floor. "Jasper..." she muttered. Alice screamed WHAT!?" She lifted her head to show me the reasoning. *Carlisles my "stepdad" Emmetts....big Mikes...gross. I didnt have anyone else to choose!* I laughed. "Sorry Jasper. She's all mine." i leaned in and kissed her. "Come on Eddie-boy and Belleriona. Lets continue the game." Emmett shouted. We un-hooked ourselves and settled back down.Jasper was still in shock, Alice still looked questioning and mad, and Rosalie and Emmett were cracking up. Nessie just looked disgusted. I lauhged at her expression. "Okay Nes. Truth or Dare?" Bella asked our daughter.

Nessie's POV

EWW! My mom's answer was disgusting! BLECH! Dad laughed. "Okay Nes. Truth or Dare?" Mom asked. Knowing I wouldn't get anything too too bad, I picked Dare. "Okay. You have to......" She came over to me and said in a quiet voice, "go get a bucket of water and dump it on our uncles heads." She was to quiet for them to hear. I went a grabbed a bucket and filled in with water. I heard Aunt Alice's trilling laugh from the next room. She couldn't see me, but she obviously saw Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper gettiing very wet. Good thing they were sitting close to each other. I grabbed the bucket when it was full, and added a few ice cubes. Not that it was gonna make much of a difference. I went over and pretended to start to pour it on daddy, who was sitting next to them. Then i spun around and dumped it on their heads. Then dropped the bucket. They both growled. Knowing what was coming next, i shrieked and ran to Mommy and Daddy. "come on Ness. We just want a hug..." Uncle Emmett pretended to cry. Mommy and Daddy held me between them. Aunt Rosalie and Aunt Alice pulled my uncles back. "fine" they grumbled. Okay Uncle Emmett Truth or Dare?" "dare my oh so wonderful and dry niece." he said. Igrinned. I had a good one for him!


hey party people! im doing alot of dares but imma add truths in next chapter. also i really need ideas for both truth and dares. Im running out of ideas. comment/vote/fan!

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