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Soolyeon greeted her brother. He looked mad.
"h-hey.... " she said.
"where were you?" Jaehyun asked.
"I got detention... " she said avoiding his stare.
"how? You were at school on time. What did you do?" he asked.
"n-nothing, I was just late to class because I was taking care of stuff" she said.
"what kind of 'stuff'?" Jaehyun asked again not believing her.
"why are you asking all these questions? I just got to class late, that's all" she said walking past him. He let out a sigh and sat on the couch. Soolyeon went up to her room and slouched on her bed. She turned on her phone and saw messages from Taelee. Should I answer? She asked herself.

Hey? Where were you at lunch?


Look, I know you're still mad but come on, it's mark, you can easily forget about it, right?

Soolyeon, where are you? School's  over, what are you doing?

Are you seriously still mad?


Where tf where you??????

Uhh.... I got detention, remember?

Oh yeaaaahhhh.... I forgot. But why didn't you text me all day?

I... I don't know.

You still mad at Mark?

Well yeah. He had the audacity to say all those mean stuff and he thinks I'm just going to forgive him? Fuck no.

Wow... But you're not wrong tho.
So.... How was detention?

It was fine. I was with Jisung so you know...

You really do like him hahaha

Yeah.... I guess.

Hahahah, well, I got to go, see ya tomorrow.

Ayt, bye.

Soolyeon sighs. "Mark is an idiot" she said. She looked at the time of her phone. "hmm... 4:40... Not bad" she said to herself. She decides to go for a walk. She hasn't walked outside in a long time. She heads downstairs only to get stopped by her brother.
"we're you going?" he asked sitting on the couch.
"for a walk" she answered dryly.
"with who?" he asked raising an eyebrow and looking at her.
"alone" she said.
"You sure about that?" he asked.
"what's wrong with you? I'm just going for a walk, if I see someone I know they'll probably walk with me. I'm not going to do anything bad. " she said annoyed.
"woah.... Chill... Why are you so tense?" Jaehyun asked.
"I... I'm fine " she said walking out the door.
"what's wrong with me?" she asked herself. As she was walking, she saw minho. "wow... Haven't seem him in a while" she said.
"soolyeon?" he said spotting her
"oh.. Hi... It's been a while" she said smiling.
"yeah.. Sorry about that. I'm just really busy with dance and other stuff" he said apologizing.
"oh no, it's fine "
"so what have you been up to lately?"
He asked.
"oh.. Nothing. I spend most of my time
with Jisung. We just got detention today and he told me... A lot of stuff" she says hesitantly.
"o-oh.... What has he told you... So far?" minho asks, his smile slowly fading away..
"...... " soolyeon stays quiet.
"(sigh).... You know... " he says looking down.
"y-yeah... " she said.
"listen... We're not like those vampires you see on the news okay? Yeah, maybe we do feed on people, but we don't kill... We're the nice type of Vampires. " he said looking back at her.
"yeah... I know.... Jisung told me... I'm not really scared " she lied.
"oh.... " minho said shocked.
"most people would... But not me... Hehe" she said nervously..
"o-okay then... " he said confused.
"I should get going. Bye soolyeon, nice talking to you"  said waving as he walked away.
"there's seriously something wrong with me" she said to herself. She continues walking until she reaches a lake. She sits down near the water and thinks about her life.
"soolyeon?" a familiar voice said behind her.
Soolyeon jumped at the sudden sound and turned around.
"omfg, you scared me... Hi Chan" she said holding her beating heart.
"oh sorry... Didn't mean to " he said sitting down next to her.
"what are you doing by the lake anyway?" he asks, staring at the water.
"oh nothing... I just came here to think. " she said.
"oh.. "
"I know what you are" she said quietly.
"I'm pretty sure Jisung is the one that told you, right?" he says still looking at the water, smiling.
"yeah..... "
"haha, figures" he said
"are you perhaps... Scared?" he asks looking at her.
".... No?" she said avoiding his eye contact.
"You are.. Listen, you don't have to be scared of us... We won't hurt you, or anyone for that matter. " he said.
"i-i-i'm not scared.... It's just that.... This is all new to me. " she said stuttering.
"mhm... But don't worry. You'll get use to it. Just pretend like were just normal humans. " he said with a smile.
"yeah... That should work... " she said.
"it's getting late. I think we should both go home. " chan said getting up.
"yeah..." soolyeon said getting up as well. They both walked home and said their goodbyes. Soolyeon got home and went straight to her room.
"soolyeon?" she hears a knock on her door and the voice of her brother.
"y-yeah?" she said
"are you okay?" he asks, worried.
"(sigh).... No... " she finally admits.
Jaehyun opens the door and sits next to her.
"what's wrong?" he asks.
"Jae... You have to promise me that you won't say anything to anyone about this ok? " she said seriously.
"uh... Sure.." he said.
"I'm scared. Like really scared. Jisung and the rest of his friends are vampires but he told me that they're not like those creepy, fucked up vampires I see on the news and I believe him but I'm still scared. I don't know how to face him tomorrow. This is too hard" she said freaking out.
"woah woah woah,  calm down... Jisung is a vampire?" he asked a bit confused.
"yes. " she said.
"woah........  Soolyeon... How much do you like this guy?" jaehyun asked out of nowhere.
".... A lot.... Why?" she asked.
"if you really like him and you don't want him to hurt you, talk to him" he said.
"I already did... I told him I wasn't scared and that I'm fine. I lied to him " she said.
"that doesn't matter. If you're still scared, you will go talk to him. " Jaehyun said placing a hand on her shoulder.
"(sigh)... "
"is that all you wanted to tell me?" he asked
".... " she didn't answer
"hello? Soolyeon?"
"mark insulted me... He said I'm not strong and that I couldn't beat him up. I know it's useless to get mad over that but he also said that I couldn't even defend myself against that guy that attacked me. That actually hurt me. And today, he came up to me and asked me why I was mad at him. He knows exactly why I'm mad but he asks me this. So I left class and met up with jisung and he made me feel better which is the real reason as to why I was late to class today... " she said looking down.
"that bitch. Soolyeon, don't listen to his ass okay? He hasn't changed one bit. Don't pay any mind to him. You don't have to feel sad because of that" Jaehyun said hugging his sister.
"yeah, yeah I know... " she said trying to escape his hug but failed.
"(sigh).... We should eat something " he said softly.
"yeah, I'm hungry " she said with a small smile.

Well... This is going smoothly.(lmao) Anyways, you know how in the first part I said soolyeon was the type of girl that was like.. Idk... A tomboy, ish? Well she still is UNLESS she likes someone. Why am I even explaining lmao. You get the point 😂.  Hoped you enjoyed part 11 :)

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