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The Hale twins and I walked into first period going to our old trademark seats in the back, I looked up and saw Angela moving from the seat about to go to the one she sat in before the Cullen's left.

"..Angela! Don't leave, sit with us." I exclaimed looking at her with a smile on my face, she was the only one who stuck through the whole time of them being gone with me.

"..are you sure?" She asked nervously, adjusting her classes on the bridge of her nose.

"Positive." I stated happily. She sat down across from me and next to Rosalie while Jasper sat across from Rose and next to me.

We sat there as our teacher got Rose and Jasper caught up on what they missed, and passed out our classwork for the period.

"..so graduation huh? Are you guys exicted?" Angela questioned looking up from her paper awkwardly, senior check out was literally in two days.

"Yeah, I'm definitely excited. But I feel like I'm gonna trip when I walk the stage." I answered causing her and Jasper to chuckle.

"Alice is throwing a graduation party." Jasper stated to Angela and I as his hand laced through mine under the table.

"Really?" I asked looking up to meet his eyes quizinly. Considering they graduated multiple times I had no clue why.

"Yeah, after all how many times do you graduate high school?" He stated as Angela laughed not knowing the true joke behind it.

"..touche" I replied as I finished my work sheet, I got up to turn it in and completely tripped over my bag, causing me to land on my ass.

Jasper laughed out and I looked up in amazment it was like music to my ears. He stopped laughing before stating a little seriously, " you are so clumsy, you need to be careful."

"I'll try" I responded sarcastically getting up and brushing the dust off my skirt, before going to turn in my paper.

I sat back down right as the bell rang and got right back up, grabbing my bad and walking out with Jasper in tow.

We walked into lit and film and went to our seats. He pulled my desk right next to his before grabbing my waist and pulled me to him.

"..so this graduation party huh?" I asked looking up at him as our teacher out on an old twilight zone episode.

"Yeah Alice wants to celebrate yours and Bella's first graduation." He responded smirking down at me.

"That's cute." I smiled grabbing his hand and playing with the Cullen's crest bracket on his wrist.

"..when you and Bella become one of us, you will get one." He stated, stopping my hand from playing with his by grabbing it and lacing our fingers.

"You can choose what you want it as like Rose has hers as a necklace, Carlisle has a ring and Emmet and I have this." He continued nodding towards the bracelet.

"I'd probably want it as a ring, because I already have a lot of necklaces." I responded, smiling up at him.

"I'll make sure to tell Carlisle, Bella wants hers as bracelet." He exclaimed as I leaned my head on his shoulder.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence the bell rang and we started to walking with his arm slung over my shoulders. He walked me to my Algebra 2 part 2 class before going to pre calculus because he's smart.

I walked into the room and sat next to Emmet like old times before stating, "You don't get to leave again, this class was so boring without you."

"Good to know I'm needed." He responded laughing as we got our assigned homework passed out.

The class finished quickly and we headed to lunch and straight to our table.

I sat next to Jasper and Emmet, I looked up and saw Danny and Alice sat at Bella's table with Eddie, Jess and Angela. I still didn't like Jess, she was nice to me now and she was really smart she just was too preppy for me.

Rose sat down next to Emmet and he instantly put his arm around her. When the Cullen's were gone, I can solidly say Rose was very missed and I needed to spend time with her soon.

"Hey Rose? Wanna come over my house? Watch movies?" I proposed as she looked up suprised.

"Really? I'd love to." She responded smiling at me, I was her human best friend and it felt great. Rose wasn't mean like Bella and others think she is, she just got delt bad cards in life well and she didn't like Bella.

"Cool, just beware my movie collection has over two hundred movies." I stated laughing at her shocked expression.

"And I've seen them all at least four times." I continued as she looked intrigued.

"Wow, okay but so you know I'm picking first." She responded, as the Emmet went and threw away his untouched tray.

The bell rang and we all walked outside because of early dismissel, Jasper's arm over my shoulders as we walked.

We stopped walking and chilled by the cars for awhile, Jasper's arms moving to go around my waist pulling my back to his chest. It started to lightly drizzel, I turned, went on my tip toes to press a kiss to Jasper's lips before hopping into baby with Rose.

".. This car is amazing." She stated looking at baby's interior.

"Finally, someone with respect for her beauty." I exclaimed a hand over my heart, causing her to laugh.

I pulled out of the parking lot and drove to my house as me and Rose jammed out to some classic rock in my dad's cassette's.

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