January 24th, 3:41 pm

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January 24th, 3:41 pm



You there?

It's your good friend Valerie, I'm bored and want someone to talk to.

And doing this annoys Princey so it's a win win


Have you talked to him lately?


Oh? Why not?

Just... reasons

Is it something with Logan?

That's part of it, ya

Oh okay.

Have you considered talking to Princey about it?

I have...


I don't really want to talk about it, ok?

Maybe you should be honest with him for once.

Excuse me?

Well, I mean you obviously hide a lot from him. Also you ignore him for days at a time.

That hurts, fyi

I'm confused when did this become an interrogation?

Since you decided to avoid me.


Valerie wtf

This isn't Valerie.


I wanted to see if you were avoiding me or not, so I pretended to be Valerie to see if you'd respond.

And you did.


No shit, Sherlock

Why are you ignoring me, Anx?

Obviously it's not just Logan and it has something to do with me

Oh come on. Don't do this

Your disappearing game isn't funny

I'm not disappearing

Good. Cause we need to chat.


Oh fuck off, Anxiety. You know EXACTLY what

Princey I didn't mean to avoid you

Don't give me that crap

You know what you did

The least you could do is explain it.

I can't

What do you mean "you can't"?

I'm just battling some feelings right now.

Like what?

I've been nothing but there for you, Anx. You owe me the truth.

As soon as Logan left me... I felt relieved.

Because I like someone else


Ya. I felt bad because I just broke up with him and I immediately wanted to be with someone else and that felt wrong.


Is it me?


The person you like.

Is it me?

Is that why you've been avoiding me?

I mean

Well... it's complicated.


No. I don't. Don't worry, it's someone else.

I don't even know you really

Oh okay.

Then why were you avoiding me?

It just... felt weird saying it out loud, I guess?

Well... over text


I knew if I talked to u I'd admit it and I didn't rly want to

Oh. That's the only reason?



I gtg

Is everything ok?

Yep I'm fine


Omg the tension is killing even me.

One of these days this book will be less angsty... but today is not that day.

Don't worry, things are going to finally pick up pace now XD

Thank you all for your patience on updates!

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