Chapter 13 (Goodbyes are hard)

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Suman was giving Aarav his last bath, he gurgled happily feeling the warm water and her soft caress on his skin and hair . He loved taking a bath especially hearing her cute talks and when she tickled his feet and abdomen. He moved his arms, splashing the water hoping she would react ..but she didn't! He continued his blabbering trying to get her attention but she only gave him a sad smile.

Suman was holding back her tears not wanting to cry in front of her nephew. She wrapped him in a towel and took him to the room. She put him on the stand and changed him in a nice warm t-shirt with matching shorts ,she knew he loved his legs to be free . He was bouncing his legs excitedly thinking she was going to take him out because she usually dresses him up nicely when they go for an outing.

As she was getting Aarav ready ,she smiled sadly holding in her tears and pursing her lips controlling her emotional heart .She installed her nephew in the crib as he moved his legs cooing away trying to talk to her but she was very quiet which was very rare.

He tried reaching his arms out to her but she just gave him a warm smile folding his clothes and putting them away in his baby bag . She already packed most of his things last night ,it was probably the most painful thing she ever did. She cried and reminisced all her moments with Aarav and trying to heal her piercing heart .Shravan was also present last night with her and getting emotional but he had to stay strong .

"Chikku ...your real mom is coming to pick you up today" she announced softly gazing at him with glistening eyes.

He hurled back at her "I'm just your Maasi ,I'm not your mother even though I wish I was .." she said with her voice cracking in a lump.

"You belong to Urvashi, my sister. She wasn't well and was in a situation where she couldn't keep you ,she wasn't well so I kept you and took care of you like my own .I didn't know when you made me feel like your my own baby ." her voice wavered in tears she took a deep breath as he listened staring up at her "Please don't be angry at me , I need to give you back , you belong to Urvashi your real mother. I can't keep you away from her, I don't have rights over you. Your real parents do"

There was a moment of silence as Aarav noticed a gloominess on her face as she tried looking away from him knowing she would burst into tears .She started folding his shirt packing it away as he lay in the crib watching her closely

"Don't give her a hard time ok? Be a good boy, don't miss out on your naps and always listen to her , and don't trick her with your cute pouts and .." she was scolding cutely with her teary eyes

She slowly stopped seeing him giving her a huge smile with his round cute cheeks bouncing his legs.He always enjoyed the sound of her voice ,it connected to his heart .Suman couldn't hold herself anymore and picked him up eagerly putting him against her chest .She hugged him with all her heart . She shut her eyes letting the tears roll down uncontrollably as he cuddled comfortably against her smooth skin .

She held him warmly, feeling him cozy up to her embrace and tightened her arms around him  .It was his favourite position whenever she held him against her chest hearing the sound of her heart beat ,it soothed him .

"I didn't know I had to say goodbye so soon.." she kissed his head stroking his legs and arms gently and heard him gurgle back sweetly

"I love you too " She said in a quite whisper crying

After a while she slowly positioned him into a cradle position in her arms holding his hand

"I'm going to miss you so much chikku ,for a while I felt alone but you ... You made me a better person and ...gave me so much happiness " she spoke to him tenderly through her sobs ,her cheeks were tainted with tears and eyes were still glistening. She kissed his hand fondly yet deep and shut her eyes allowing more tears to flow down . He slowly opened his tiny hands against her cheek gurgling making her grin sadly

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