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"Are you done yet?"





I glared at Jaxon. "Ask again and I will shove these scissors down your throat."

He let out an exhausted sigh, laying down on the floor beside me. "I'm bored..."

"Then do some work."

His nose scrunched up. "Who do I look like?"

I rolled my eyes, continuing to put our poster board together. Thankfully, Jaxon had gotten quiet so I could concentrate. He's been complaining for the past hour about being bored and wanting to play with me.

"So," He started talking again. "after we're done with this project, we should go and watch a movie."

I raised an eyebrow. "The last time I went on a "date" with you, I went home irritated."

He frowned. "I didn't mean to a movie theater. I meant in your living room."

"Oh." I simply said, gluing the last piece to the poster board. I smiled, standing up to get a better look at it. Jaxon stood up too and he rubbed his chin.

"It needs something else."

I crossed my arms, feeling offended. "What do you mean it needs something else? It's fine."

He copied me, crossing his arms too. "It's boring. Throw some glitter on that shit, make it sparkle."

I rolled my eyes and went with what he said, adding glitter to the title. "There. Better?"

He smiled. "Better." He held up his hand and I stared at it before raising an eyebrow at him. "We did a good job partner." I nodded, giving him a high five.

Putting up our project somewhere safely, I saw Jaxon grabbing his leather jacket. "You're leaving?"

"You said that once we're done, I have to leave." He shrugged, pulling his jacket over his broad shoulders.

"Stay," I said, sounding desperate.

Wait, what was I doing trying to let him stay here?!

He smirked. "Are you sure?"

I put my hands on my hips. "I'm bored too so you're going to entertain me."

"I can do a lot of things to keep you entertained."

"You probably have never taken a girl out before." I challenged him.

He shoved his hands in his pockets. "I've taken you out but, that's it."

"And the other girls?"

"Fucked them."

I choked on my spit and he smiled. How could he just say that without any shame? I was surprised that I'm the only girl he's taken out. Even if the date ended badly. I fought off the blush that was threatening to show.

"Have you've never been in a serious relationship? Wanting something, you know, real?" I asked, sitting down at the edge of my bed.

"No." He simply said.

I scoffed. "Why? Couldn't handle the commitment?"

He shrugged. "I can handle commitment. It's just the girls I tried to be with always ended up running away because they don't want it."

I looked down at the floor, not wanting to look in his eyes anymore. I shouldn't keep questioning him about things that could be too personal. But why would any girl run away from commitment? Unless they were afraid of being committed to a guy like him.

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