Chapter 5 - A Plea

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Chapter 5, A Plea

"After days of wandering on the ocean I came to the shores of an uninhabited island. That was strange. It seemed untouched from the war. How could such a place exist? It was a paradise, and I claimed it mine."

- an excerpt from The Thousand Years War, Part I

Krindal Heyardin paced at the bow of the Executor's Breath. He moved back and forth between the forward canons atop the raised forecastle.

I hope they listen, he worried, glancing back across the ship. It was a large vessel, like a Sarin Class the navy used, six decks and five masts. The ship required nearly fifty crewmen to sail, but there weren't that many. The soldiers had to help with the rigging. They all looked pitiful, but who wouldn't have after the ordeal they had survived?

"We were lucky," he whispered. "That gives me hope. Perhaps I will succeed..." He certainly hoped so.

Turning back toward the bowsprit, Krindal looked across the ocean horizon. He saw his island homeland in the distance.

You can't ignore me now! his internal voice was furious. This was not some foolish errand Krindal had undertaken. It was the culmination of years and years of research, planning and exploring. And now, he had proof. No longer would he be ridiculed. He had seen with his very eyes that the peoples of Kalda had been more than what they are now. Not only that, he had tangible evidence! Finally, he could prove his theory of Cultural Regression.

He could certainly compel his fellows, couldn't he?

"Master Krindal," a stern voice called from behind.

Krindal spun, eyes wide. "Your Grace," he said with a bow. "I thought you were resting?"

"I was," the newcomer said. He walked tall, gait stoic, although Krindal saw the pain in his face. Not physical pain, his wounds were healed. This was deep mental anguish. "But I heard reports of land, so I decided to step outside and find you."

"I see," Krindal nodded.

The newcomer came to rest beside Krindal, standing in a regal manner. He was a prince after all.

"Are you sure you want me with you?" the prince asked, eyes focused across the bowsprit.

"Yes," Krindal nodded. "You will lend credibility to my work. They will listen if you're there. I'm sure of it!"

"The tevisrals you found are not enough?" the prince asked.

Krindal looked at him frankly. "Many of my brethren are childish. It will take more than one witness to change their stubborn minds."

The prince cracked a smile. Krindal hadn't seen him grin since they fled to the ship. That was good; this young prince shouldn't be so somber. But he was. Whatever drove him cursed him with seriousness.

"You can corroborate what we found, what we couldn't bring back. And, as we are seeking the same thing, your interest in the matter should be more than enough to persuade them. Too long have they ridiculed me for knowledge I've sought."

The prince nodded in agreement.

"It was Fate that brought us together," Krindal continued. "Our mutual discoveries couldn't be happenstance."

"We are guided," the prince said, looking to Krindal. "Inspired by the Will."

Krindal didn't say anything. That last comment he didn't agree with. Religion. A supernatural will of some unknown being. This prince was so devout. Something brought them together, but it wasn't a divine force. There was no god. Krindal had seen enough of the world to know that. There was, however, something that seemed to pull things together, a force of sorts. This new alliance wasn't just a happy coincidence. That just meant the Lost World yearned to be found. The times of darkness were coming to an end, he could feel it.

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