Chapter 10: Arguments & Sweat

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My dirt coated boots slammed onto the hard ground of our arena as I hopped off Gunsmoke.

"Daddy I know I'm ready to compete, I don't know why we're even talkin' about this." I frustratedly wiped the sweat from my brow with the back of my arm. Almost three hours into my lesson and my body was covered in smears of dirt that were held together by the spit of Gunsmoke and I. My father was working us hard today, and the practice was lot more difficult than I expected.

Lee rode by at full speed on his auburn tinted horse, Peaches, "You gotta do better than that if you wanna compete next week Ari."

"Oh shut it, I know a lot more of what I'm doing than you do, football player," I called after him, as I made my way over to daddy, with Gunsmoke's reigns in my hand.

"Arizona after watchin' you and Smoke ride today, I just don't know if you're ready for that intense level of competition," Daddy's dark blue eyes stared back at me with his arms crossed. Daddy stood at 6 foot, and was large and intimidating because of his muscles from working on the ranch and playing football when he was younger, just like Brantley. Now, he was standing at the edge of the arena where the entrance was. Daddy leaned against the metal railing with his black cowboy hat on and proceeded to my dismay, "You need more time to practice."

"No I don't," I took a step forward, testing him a little and argued back, "You promised me when we moved here that I could enter the very first one during the school year, so I can make friends and see who the competition is for this year. Now I've been putting in my work, and I know if I practice longer and harder these next few days, I'll be ready by next weekend. Please Daddy you know I deserve this. I-"

Daddy stepped forward with open arms and I could see a spark of happiness reach his eyes and the corner of his lips perk up a bit, "Lord have mercy, alright Ace! You can compete-"

"Oh my god thank you Daddy! Thank you, thank you!" I lunged forward into his arms and Gunsmoke whinnied in delight, I swear he could do more than just tell when I was happy or sad.

"But I'm warning you Ace, you better be ready to put in the work if you want to win this one. These girls don't play here, they're there to win and have no mercy for the newcomer." He turned back to his humble and serious manner again when I pulled back.

"Oh I understand, you know me, I'm always ready to work big guy." I teased him and turned around to face Lee standing right behind me. His face turned from giggly and laughing to serious, shoving his hands behind his back. Was he mocking me?

"Eww were you just mocking me" I rolled my eyes in annoyance and strolled by him, lending Gunsmoke back to the barn.

"Of course not, I'm your brother. I would never do such a thing," he tipped his dusty cowboy hat to me with cheeky smile and followed after me with Peaches.

Daddy called out to us, "I'm going to finish up some work out here, tell the mommas that I'll be late for dinner. You kids go on and just eat now."

"Oh alright Daddy, you got it coach!" I called back. Daddy was always pulling late nights, catching up on work around the ranch.  Lee and I had the morning chores and he had the afternoon. Made me wonder about asking him to get a ranch hand, so he wasn't stuck with doing it all himself.


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