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CHAPTER TWO | ❝a coffee date would be nice❞


"are you coming in?" a loud-mouthed boy exited the building. yoongi took his longing stare off of jimin. he looked at hoseok who had a big smile. he was in flashy clothes like gucci and calvin klein. hoseok was rich. he was born into a good family. surprising how someone as classy and upper as hoseok would consider yoongi, an extremely low-class man, his best friend. although hoseok has offered to take in yoongi, but he always declined. yoongi wanted to show his parents that he was better off without them in the world. not that he cared about them in the very least. officer kim always told him he has been keeping tabs on them. but yoongi wants nothing to do with them.

"yoongi?" jimin waved his hand in front of the black-haired males face. yoongi looked at the hand before him. he noticed it was much smaller than even his. it almost laid a smirk on his face. but the only thing he could do with his mouth is part it and just blink. "i think he's dead."

hoseok laughed and wrapped an arm around yoongi. yoongi almost fell forward, but caught himself with his shorter legs. hoseok was much taller than yoongi. so when hoseok got drunk and yoongi had to take him home, it was torturous. but he enjoyed hoseok. he was like the other half of him ―the type of yoongi he can't even try to be.

"who's there?" yoongi croaked out. a shot of pain hit his throat. but he was used to it so it didn't matter to him. jimin noticed though. and he raised his brows, but didn't question. he would have to in the mere future although.

"mmm, well, seokjin, namjoon, and jimins friend jungkook." hoseok smiled nervously. he almost didn't want to name the other two that arrived. yoongi with his social anxiety meant that he wanted nothing to do with social events. especially with people he didn't know. he wasn't all there with seokjin and namjoon. he thought they were nice and understanding, but sometimes they'd just get so aggravated at him that they'd leave mid-conversation.

"f-five people?" he stopped walking. they were in the hallways of the karaoke bar. there was a rough humming of the floors and walls. the rooms were sound proof, but they still create a vibrating motion.

yoongi hid himself farther into his giant coat. he furrowed his brows and backed up softly. he didn't want to ―no he couldn't do it. he could work up the courage. but that was until he felt a pair of hands tug at his jacket. he looked to his side and saw jimin. his eyes were soft. his smiled showed a small crooked tooth. "come on, it's okay," he spoke softly. yoongi swore an angel was sent from above. and that angel was here to save him. but he shook the thought out.

he walked forward and hoseok was already at the door, unlocking it with they key they give them. yoongi and jimin were walking side-by-side with eachother. jimin leaned his head onto yoongi's shoulder. sure, yoongi was extremely uncomfortable because he had just met jimin, but somehow he felt reassured.

"yoongi, this is jungkook." jimin twiddled with his thumbs as yoongi was face-to-face with the same man from before he met jimin. he looked at the male, finally getting a look at his looks. he wore strange clothing. a dark blue and yellow sweater and yellow pants with white sneakers. he looked like he came out of a kdrama. he bowed softly to yoongi and even muttered a small "I'm sorry" to him. yoongi almost smirked.

yoongi looked at jimin. "you kn-knew him?" jungkooks brow perched up. yoongi felt stupid in this situation. he looked like someone jimin would know. jimin in a hello sweater, sweater paws seeping through. the tight blue jeans he wore had an impact on everyone now that they could all see what's there to be shown.

"hyung!" namjoon raised up a hand. yoongi looked at it. he stared and jungkook chuckled.

"what a weirdo," he laughed in yoongi's face. seokjin whacked him on the head. jimin looked at yoongi sympathetically. yoongi bit his bottom lip. everything seemed to create some contortions. the liquids running down his face was the thing that made him realise he was crying.

he turned around. going there was a mistake and he knew it. he knew jungkook was a good kid. it's not everyday you come across a mute child with the voice of someone who's been smoking heavily for years and years. so he understood jungkooks reaction.

yoongi's feet scooted backwards. he looked at hoseok and bowed as an apology. he ran out of the room, wiping his eyes that had a river of tears forming. when he reached the same tree he was under with jimin, he stopped. the petals falling slowly down made yoongi look up. he held his hand out and watched as one single petal fell onto his hand. he looked down at it. he wish he wasn't as delicate as the blossom in his hand. he chuckled softly to himself.

"i thought i'd never hear a laugh or see a smile out of you." the sound of jimin's voice flowed from behind him. yoongi turned around and cleared his throat and looked away.

"i wasn't laughing," he pursed his lips, "or sm-iling." his eyes peaked at jimin who seemed like he had a shine of halo light coming from behind him. yoongi wondered the same thing from 20 years ago. was i in heaven?

jimin walked forward to yoongi and hugged him, catching yoongi by surprise. his eyes widened and he almost pushed him away until soft spoken words danced into his ear.

"happy birthday, yoongi. as for a present: a coffee date would be nice."

❝happiness matters. it matters to us and those around us. taking some time to your mind each day can make all the difference.❞


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