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The years is 2003
Location: Usa

You were waking up from sleeping with your lovely wife grayfia

Y/N: hey beautiful good morning

Grayfia open her eyes and looks at you E/C eyes and smiles

Grayfia: good morning my love and then she starts kissing you.

Both you and Grayfia have a heated kissing senstion with tongue for a minute.

You both get up out of bed while you both are naked. You start getting dress   

Y/n: hey honey do you remember today we have to take Xenovia to the mall to buy no clothing.

Grayfia: yes we need to get her a new dress for the summer.

While you guys are talking a beautiful
young girl with blue hair about 3 years old runs in and hug your wife.

Xenovia: mom, dad good moring

Both: good morning honey

Xenovia: mom, dad am ready to go to the mall.

Grayfia: okay sweet well be down there in a few moments.

Xenovia: okay, she runs off down stairs.

Y/n: I am so happy I have you and Xenovia and I will never let you guys out of my site.  While hugging his. Wife.

Grayfia: and I will never leave your side.

Athur note: how wrong are they wink, wink

Location change at the mall

While shopping at the mall you and your wife and daughter stop at a clothing store to buy you r daughter new.

Grayfia: Xenovia how do you like this red dress.

Xenovia: mom I love it can I try it on

Grayfia: yes you can but don't take to long daddy looks hungry.

She starts smiling at you

Y/n: what no am not. I have you know I could stay with eating for months.

While you said that your stomach started to grall.

Grayfia: more like seconds.

She was laughing at you.

Y/n: okay find Xenovia hurry up your daddy could eat a horse.

Xenovia: okay daddy coming.

You daughter come out and she loves the dress. You take the dress to the cashier to pay for it. Lucky for you your rich becuase of your job. Wink, wink.

Location change at the food court

Grayfia: Y/n can you stop eating all the buffet people are getting mad that your eating all the food. They starting to stare too.

Y/n: nope am hungry like I said I can eat a elephant.

Xenovia: didn't you say a horse daddy.

You: same thing just one is bigger.

All of you start laughing.

While your family is in the food court laughing the floor started to shake and the sky was getting darker with flying objects in the sky.

You: what is happening why is the floor starting to shake and the sky is getting dark.

Xenovia: while crying
Daddy, mommy what is happening I am scared.

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