The EXTREME Boxer's Reincarnation Part 1

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~Somewhere in Italy-- Mikaru's House~

3rd Person's Pov.

A year has already past and the Rokudo Household is in a totally peaceful--






I take what I said it's a total CHAOS, they are having a peaceful breakfast when suddenly Mikaru decided to tease a certain skylark and then....... Chaos began and you all know the other fights like when Renato started stealing foods and having a food fight in front of them and soo on. Good thing that the Rokudo couples (in which Mikaru's persistent for them to change their last name) who are a total dense people just watch and giggled at their antics and in the Father's case smile in amusement.

And at this 1 year the already reincarnated Vongolas are given a gift from Byakuran and Kawahira where they can sense a fellow Vongola being reborn in this timeline and they have already sensed one but they have a bad feeling about it so when they sensed that they started searching for who she/he is, thus they are not lucky so far and couldn't find a thing.

~Minor Timeskip~

Renato and co. are requested to go shopping by Mrs.Rokudo and they all gladly accept it....well except for a certain skylark who reluctantly agreed.

When they arrived at the town they went separate ways and started shopping what was in the list and it's a whole lot. about we see their antics when shopping shall we~ ne?~

On Keiya Hibari's side~

Keiya arrived at the shop she was assigned to.

"Hn, get me the things in the list herbivore" Keiya said to the vendor and as if the vendor didn't believe the child and taking view of the appearance of the child, 'cute' is what runs to his brain and then he started teasing the child in front of him.

"Hn, Pedo-herbivore if you don't give me the items in the list I'll bite you to death" Keiya said threatening the poor man and as if on cue hi-- her pair of tonfas magically appeared and seeing the frightening glare and KI the girl is giving the man almost piss himself and immediately get what was on Keiya's list of item.

After giving Keiya the items that is needed, Keiya paid the man and saying 'Hn' threateningly and is still realising some KI.

Keiya was walking home without waiting for the others when suddenly she saw a silhouette of a white haired girl that reminds her of a certain loud-herbivore and decided to go there but when she reach it no one was there and she was irritated that she couldn't grasp the persons appearance but she was sure it is someone she's familiar with and her irritation increase when a pineapple-herbivore called her with the other herbivore and the carnivore just tilt his fedora(the fedora is also given to him by Kawahira together with his chameleon)

At the same time when Keiya arrive where she is assigned to~

On Mikaru Rokudo's side~

"Kufufu" Mikaru do her usual creepy laugh as she walk to the store she is assigned to and the vendor is a woman.

'kufufu, hmm this woman will do, now I can finally do my 'trick' starting from her kufufufu' Mikaru thought as she thinks of what 'trick' will she use in the poor woman.

"Kufufu, hello there" Mikaru said as she greet the vendor to get her attention.

"Ah, hello there child what can I do for you?" The woman ask politely, poor her she will regret answering the child she is confronting right now.

"Here's a list of items my mom need and here is my pay"Mikaru said and give the poor woman the list and her pay for the items.

Minor Timeskip

"Here you go" the woman said and Mikaru take it.

As the woman turn her back to Mikaru, Mikaru now know that this is a chance to use her 'trick' and a spear appeared in her hand through indigo flames and did her 'trick' after that she skip satisfied and a horror field scream can be heard and that makes her more satisfied *sigh* poor woman.

After that Mikaru starts to walk home when he crossed one of the alleyway she saw a silhouette of a girl that somehow remind her of a annoying boxer but just shrugged it off.

On her way home she meet with Diana and Renato/Reborn on the streets and also saw the skylark somewhat...... looking for something.......or maybe someone?

This make her and the others interest perked up and they decided to ask her when they went home.


Okay let's stop here I don't have much energy to finish this so I decided to make 2 parts for it sorry for my LAZINESS🙇

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