Chapter 47: That Was The Plan

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I waited nervously as my supervisor at Visual Energy, Max Perry, looked at my designs for an ad campaign the company was working on. He wasn't saying anything and I couldn't read on his face what he thought.

I had been working there for almost a month and none of my designs had been accepted yet. I was beginning to wonder if I was in over my head at this new job. Even though I had artistic talent, it didn't seem to be transferring in graphic design.

"I love it," Jeff finally said looking up at me. "This is exactly the kind of ideas we've been looking for. Good job." He looked back at my tablet as if he had been hypnotized by what I had done.

"Thank you," I said finally releasing the breath I had been holding. I was thankful that somebody finally liked something that I did.

"I'm going to share this with the team now," he said his excitement now showing. "I knew when I hired you that you had this kind of creativity in you."

"I appreciate the opportunity," I told him.

"And we are grateful to have you," he said. Then still holding my work tablet, he left my small office.

My cell phone began to ring and when I noticed Rashad's mom's name scrolling across the screen I answered with hesitation.

"Hello Mrs. Richards," I answered neutrally.

"Mrs. Richards?" She repeated. "Just because you and my son are going through this foolishness doesn't mean you can stop calling me mom." She chastised.

I laughed lightly. "I'm sorry mom, how are you doing?"

"That's better," she laughed along with me. "And I was having a great day until my son told me that you won't be coming to our anniversary party."

"I really don't think it's a good idea," I began to explain. "Rashad and I are getting a divorce and things are confusing enough."

"The only thing that is confusing is you two acting like you still don't love each other."

"We'll always love each other, but things between us are very different now." I reminded her.

"And I'm praying everyday for the two of you to come to your senses," She said. "Joy you are like a daughter to me. I've never had any girls of my own and you and Robin are that for me. I love you both as if I gave birth to the two of you."

"And I love you too," I defended. "But it's a weird situation to have me there with everything going on in my marriage."

"If you love me like you say you do, then I want you to come to our anniversary party," she said again. "You are important member of this family to me. You blessed me with two granddaughters and I can't ever stop thanking you for that."

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