Chapter 1:

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~years ago when he was 17~

    I was in my chamber when mother walked in.  "Hello love, how are you doing today?"  She asked.  "I am doing fine mother, what brings you here?"  "Loki dear, we need to tell you something about your origin." I was confused and asked her to sit. Sh started to tell me about how I came from Jötnnhiem and how I was engaged to Thor but it was all a secret till we thought we were ready to know. "Thor doesn't know yet and we are not going to tell him til he matures a little more. Don't tell him okay." "Alright mother, I won't." "Good." She got up and kissed my head. "Dinner will be ready in a bit." "Okay mother, I'll be right there." She left and I got ready for dinner.

~Time skip to present time~

I was in my what you could call cell at the S.H.I.E.LD and is bored out of my mind. As I looked at the plain wall, Spiderman walked in. "Hello!" He smiled. I smiled back slightly. "Hello little spider. What brings you here?" Me and Peter have become somewhat friends. He brings me food or things to do and hangs out till Stark calls him. "I brought you some food and a book to read." "Thank you Peter." He gave them to me through the food hole and I ate as he talked.

Two hours passed of us talking when Stark walked in. "Pete, why are you here?" He asked. "Just talking to loki. I forgive him for the attack, he did it out of pain and hurt from what happened all his life that we can't imagine. He is like 1000 years older then us." Peter gets up. "Well I should get going, bye Loki." He smiles and Waves. "Goodbye Peter, hope to see you soon." I said and he walked out with the book I gave back to him as I finished it. I sighed. "What is it that you want Stark." I said. "What do you and my son talk about." "Many things. He talks about his schools and this boy he has a crush on AND-" "Wait, what crush?" "Well he wouldn't tell you now would he." Stark nodded. "And many other things." Tony sighs and looks at me with a bland stare. "I might regret this but I'm gonna let you out but, with cuffs so u can't use magic." "Fine bye me Stark." He let's me out and cuffs me. "Let's go." I nodded and walked behind him as I didn't want to run since it is nice here on Earth, But I have to use my magic to disguise myself. As Tony led me to the what you humans call planes, I saw Peter and the others, even Thor. I looked down since father never told him yet but he is my Fiance. Peter saw me and ran to me smiling as for Natasha tried to stop him. "Leave him be Nat. Pete likes Loki." Said Stark. I smiled softly and Peter hugged me as I tried to but couldn't with the cuffs. "Loki, dad why did you let Loki out?" He asked. "We're moving him to the tower for closer surveillance." He said. I did not pay attention to the others but mostly Thor. I can't look at him.

~Time Skip~

I was aloud to roam around the building but not go out without someone with me. I was currently in the living room reading a book Peter gave me and heard Thor and Bruce walk in. I looked up to see them walking my way. "Oh brother, guess what!" I cocked my eyebrow. "What is it Thor." He smiled. "I am going on a date with Jane tonight. And I know you got a great fashion sense so could you help me?" He asked me and I froze. Father needs to tell him soon but I know Thor would not be happy with me. But I won't help him it hurts to see him with others. "I can't Thor, Natasha would though, I can tell she has a great taste of what girls would like for men to wear." I smile softly and he nods. "That is a great point brother, thank you." He said and walked off and Bruce looked at me. "What is it." "Nothing." He said and walked off. I sighed and went to my room and looked at the clock. "I haven't realized it is already 10:30, I should get ready for bed." I got in a quick shower and dressed for bed. Before I could go to sleep Peter walked in. "U....Um Loki?" "Yes little spider." "Can I stay in here tonight. My room kinda got recked from earlier today from one of my fights with an enemy." "Of course, come here." I opened the blanked and he got in. "Goodnight little spider." "Goodnight, Uncle Loki." He said and fell asleep. I smiled and fell asleep to thinking about how it will be from now on.

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