Chapter 26: Danielle vs Gwen

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Danielle's POV:

I'm so excited to see Brier and tell her everything and I hope she would find a guy who would love her.

As we enter the school.. yep lucky guess! people... boys and girls are staring at us.

Why do you asked because Sky and I first came in followed by Knight, Shine, Darylle and Xaria walking hand in hand... Geez! again with the glare!

Then last came in Trevor, Jaden, and Kyle and of course girls are starting to do some fangirling which made us tease them.

As always Brier hangs with us, well we don't mind anyway and beside her pack doesn't really hang out with her.

Well it's their lost! Brier is a great person and a a great friend.

" Well! Well what do we have here?"

We all turn ours to whoever said that and yes... Gwen! Whats her problem?

" Hanging out with the other pack I see!" Gwen said to Brier.

" Well its is obvious that NO ONE in pack talks to her so why do you care if she hangs with us?" I asked with my signature glare.

" Oh! So the news is true... You and Sky are already boyfriend- girlfriend!". Ok! so the subject is on me now!

" Why do you care?" I asked

" Why do I asked? Danielle you are so stupid... You don't belong to Sky!" She smirked.

Some of us looked pissed, while are confused. I'm stupid?. I'm Sky's mate so don't tell me that I don't belong to him!

" Why is that so?" I asked stoping myself from punching her.

" Well! You are NOT Sky's Mate!"

" Neither are you!" I glared.

" Oh! Trust me I am... " she gave us an evil smile than walk away leaving us pissed and confused.

They all looked at Me and Sky. " I thought You and Sky are mates? Brier asked me.

" We are Mates! Don't believe in what Gwen said." Sky answer the question

I was quiet at that moment I didn't know what to say I mean Sky told me that I'M his mate and now Gwen is claiming that SHE'S Sky's mate.

I mean I also told them not to tell anyway. Well I told Brier anyway since she's my friend and I know I can trust her. Maybe Gwen was just messing around.

School went so fast and everytime I saw Gwen she would just gave me a evil smirk. What was that all about!

" Why are you so serious?" Sky asked. I gave him a smiled

" because I'm doing my homework" in a duh tone.

So I'm inside my room with Sky doing my homework he wrapped his arms from behind a peck my cheeck

" I love you!" he whisper.

I tried not look at him because I know I'm blushing and my heart just pump fast, trying to ignore my red cheecks I face him.

" Danielle! no matter what Gwen says I'll always love you and she didn't know that your my mate so she has th guts to say those words. I'm a lucky wolf to have you not just my mate but my girlfriend as well!" he smiled

I place my lips on his soft lips he knows how to make feel special and feel pretty and make me blush even more.

" Thanks! and I love you too..."

The next day... yup ME vs. GWEN!!

can't she just stop and leave me alone and please try to wear decent clothes.

" Stay away from Sky! You are not his I am!" Gwen said

" I'm his girlfriend so I suggest that you should back off not me!" glaring at her " First Knight now Sky!" What's your problem?"

" I just use Xander to get closer to Sky and you know what my plan is working" with matcing evil smirk

How dare she said that! using Knight without thinking I push her hard against thr wall and If I'm a wolf I'm gonna rip her into pieces

" You are just lucky that Knight told me to ignore you or else I swear I'll be kicking your god damn ass in front of the school and I dont care if youre a wolf! Say something about Knight like that again and I'll make sure that your face is printed on this very tile I'm stepping!"

Ok! now people are staring at us and I'm not in the mood to talk to Gwen, she really pissed me off

" This is just starting and I'll make sure Sky will be mine!" the last thing she said before she walked away.

Does she know that I'm his mate? No Sky told the pack not to tell anyone!

The rest of the day was silent I mean I was just being quiet trying to think what Gwen meant or maybe she just messing around

I went to Sky's office to lighten up my mood I know his busy but I don't care and he didn't mind at all I did a small knock when I heard him yelled " come in!"

As I went inside I was him in his chair doing some paperwork but he stopped doing it when he saw me, using his wolf speed he rush and pinned me on the wall which I admit I kinda like it  he wrapped his arms around me and starts sniffing... weird right?

" Why are you sniffing me?" I asked as I hugged him " It keeps me calm and my wolf!"

without knowing he lifted me and carry me unto the top of his desk and starts placing soft kisses on my face.

" Don't you ever get tired of kissing me?" I giggled

" No!" he replyed

I rest my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him

" Babe! What's wrong?"

" Gwen" I sighed

He let a growl and lift my chin and kissed me " I'll talked to the Silver Cresent Pack tomorrow! Don't worry Gwen wont be bothering us" I nodded.

" I love you Danielle!" as he again placed his lips on mine

" I love you too..."


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