Chapter 21: The Betting Game

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Danielle's POV:

A talk with Knight is something I missed... I miss hanging out with him and I can also tell that Sky misses hanging out with her sister.

The girls and I decided to have another fun on the dancefloor as the music play " Yeah by Chris Brown"... I love the beat of the song it started to drive us crazy as we sang the song.

Music followed by another one well we are somehow got exhausted from the singing and dancing we decided to have another drink... well.. juice of course

But we got shocked when we saw three girls who sat in our seat, then started flirting!

" That's seat is kinda taken!' Shine approach the girl who sat beside Knight. The girl looked at Shine and gave her a glare " Well I don't see anyone seating on it and I didn't see any name on it!"

" Well that's because she's right here infront of you!" Shine glare at the girl

" Please Belle don't waste your time on those looser!" Said the girl who is beside Darylle

" Excuse me!" Xaria glare at the girl

" You heard me!" She said.

I can feel that Xaria is about to go wolf and I'm also sure that this girls are human cause both Shine and Xaria are not using some wolf words.

" Look we came to have fun so I suggest that you look for another table because this table is already taken!" I told them.

The three girls stared at me Belle gave me a glare while the girl next to Darylle studied me and the girl next to Sky stand up " Fiesty! Fiesty! Don't you agree girls?"

" Your right Kayla! She is a little Fiesty!" Belle said. " Too bad! but its not gonna scare us!" the girl next to Darylle said

" Ally is right! you don't scare us and  We kinda like your table!" Kayla said putting her hands on her hips.

" Oh please we are not stupid like you.. We know that it's our boyfriend you like not the table!" Shine smirked.

" But they are not all taken right?" Kayla looked at me. I would say she is right Sky isn't my boyfriend and I'm not his.. so that means he could date any girl he like

" He is not taken but they're dating!" Shine interrupt me.. " Well that makes him single!" Kayla smirked.

" oh please! you wouldn't have a chance anyway!" Shine glared at kayla

" Why is that?"she asked

" First of all She is my friend, Second the guy who you flirting with is my brother and Third you have to go through me first before you even have a chance with him!" Shine is now angry and any minute she is going to shift.

" Then let's have a little game to settle this!" Belle said confidently

" You see we three are know as the best singers so the is simple we sing, you sing and the winnner will be decided by the owner of the club!" Ally said.

" Are you afraid of loosing?" Kayla asked

" HELL NO!" Shine and Xaria yelled at the same time

"and if we win you will have to leave us alone!" I glare at them

" That's good! because if we win We can date your boyfriends!"

" WHAT!" They yelled.

" Scared?"

" NO!" they yelled

" Good! Because we always in!"

they always win? They smirked and left us well before they completely left they gave the boy each a flying kiss and a wink.

" Grrrr.... I hate that girl! and they have the confidence to tell us that they always win!" Shine said angrily

What they meant they always win! I mean sure they maybe that good and the owner of the club is going to decide.... I felt something is wrong here.... I mean if they are known here why do they need they owner of the club decide the winner...

I was busy thinking abouy I didn't realize that they kept calling my name

" Hey Danielle!" Shine waved her hand infront of me!

" Yeah?" I looked at her

"You ok?" Xaria asked and I nodded even though I'm not... I excuse myself and went to the comfort room

I was inside of one of the cubicle when I heard three familiar voice

" They will never had a chance I mean dad owns this club and he'll do anything for me!"

It sounded like Kayla.... I am so right so that's why they are so confident

" Oh! Kayla we are good singers we can still beat them even without your dad's help!"

" But I think the two were good! I mean they seriously wanted to kill us?

" But what about the other girl! I can't believe that his dating her I mean look at her!" They started laughing

How dare she insluted me! Ok that's it! They are so dead.... I open the cubicle in where I was and the three froze when they saw me but masked it

" So that's why you are so confident because your daddy owns the club Kayla!" I glare at them

"oh please we can still defeat you!" Belle said as they turn to me " Yeah with Kayla's father deciding it!" I teased.

The three became pissed and I gave them a glare

" Goodthing I'm the only one who heard it or else you have no face to show!"  well it's true.. if Shine and Xaria heard this they would go wolf and everything

" Ok then how about this... the Bet is still on and My father wouldn't decide the winner but your two friends are not singing!" Kayla smirked at me

" afraid to get beaten up?" I teasd "NO! cause if you said that you will just be humiliated"

The winner will be decided by the crowd and it's and only you and My father will not know anything about this bet and so those your friend... "

"Fair enough" I said to myself

" Deal!" as Kayla reach her and I shook it

" I accepted your challenge!" I said

What did I just do? I agree in a singing competition I sing if I'm alone or if I'm with Knight. Infact he is the only who knows that I sing why?

First I know to myself that I'm not good at singing and second I get nervous if I'm infront of many

This going creepy... The three left me with a smirked on their face.. I hope they kept their words.. 



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