Closer to The Edge

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Chapter 1, I know its not that great but this is my first attempted so please please comment :) thanks

The backstage atmosphere was buzzing at Hammersmith Apollo in London, the first band 'The French Girls' had just finished their set and now it was 'Lostalone's' time on stage. They grabbed their guitars and headed for the stage.

Meanwhile Jared Leto sat in his dressing room hanging out the window smoking, thinking about the past year and how tough it was; Clare the love of his life leaving him for a younger man, his movie didn't make the big screen as he hoped and the press branding Jared a selfish, ignorant, cold bastard. While thinking of those events he took more puffs out of his cigarette, he could hear the chants of his fans his own army that would be willing to stand alongside Jared through thick and thin. Jared finally put out his cigarette and getting up to finish off getting dressed, he was about to put on his shirt when Shannon his older brother came bursting in, making Jared scream like a little girl holding his shirt up to his chest;

"BRO!, It's time!" Shannon yelled with a huge grin on his face,

"Shannon for fucksake, I'm coming, and dont you know to knock before you....." but before Jared could yell at his brother, he was gone, "Idiot" he mumbled to himself then put his shirt on and grabbed his guitar before heading for the door, "Just another concert" he mumbled in a deafted tone and slammed the door.

In the standing two 18 year old girls managed to push their way to the front of the crowd,

"We made it!" yelled the blonde looking at her red haired friend who was looking at the shadows of Jared Leto dancing around the sheet that covered the stage, the lights went down in the venue but lit up on stage,

"It's time" whispered the red head, and so did Jared Leto at the exact same time.

Minutes passed before the band revealed themselves to the crowd, they kicked off the show with 'A Beautiful Lie' where Jared jumped into the crowd to sing along with them, one thing he was sure of he wasnt a cold ignorant bastard to them, he was their hero and he was giving them what they wanted, a piece of him. He noticed the red head and climbed near her, he then grabbed her hand which gave him support as he sung to her and the rest of the crowd he could feel his whole body tingle as he looked into her green eyes and at her angel like face it was flawless like a supermodels, Jared let go and climbed back onto the stage alongside his band, but he still kept his eye on the red haired beauty he just saw.

It was almost the end of the show and Jared decided to close the show with an acoustic but he wanted a fan to sing with him, and he knew exactly who.

"Ok, I have seen a fan I am sure is worthy of being up here tonight to close the show with us, the last song is going to be 'The Story'" he said looking to the red head girl, he then climbed down and ran towards the girl and held out his hand, she looked shocked at first but accepted and got pulled out of the crowd along with her friend because there was only two of them. Jared helped her back onto the stage and gave her a mic, she looked out into the crowd and started to shake Jared gently held her hand and made her look into his eyes, he couldnt speak she was just so beautiful she was like an angel to him, her eyes were hypnotic he was under a spell.

"It's going to be fine I promise, do you know the lyrics to 'The Story'?" he asked when he finally broke out of the trance,

"Yeah I do" she said still looking at him,

"What's your name?"

"Skye" she replied, then Jared snapped his head up to look at her again,

"Skye, thats a very pretty name. Theres no need to be scared, just stick by me and sing the second verse and follow the chorus" he said gently starting to play his acoustic. Jared sung the first verse and the chorus and then it was Skye's turn, her voice was as angelic as her face, she looked and sounded like the part Jared then joined in on the chorus, the pair sounded perfect together. Finally the song finished and the crowed cheered for the band and Skye that then vanished backstage.

Backstage the atmosphere was much more calmer than before the concert, Jared and the gang finally entered in victory of another great concert, Jared was the last to walk in with his arm around Skye, everyone was looking at the pair making Skye feel uncomfortable with the way it all was so she quickly broke out of Jared's grip with the best excuse she could come up with.

"Well this has been fun but we really need to get home, Cassie's mum is waiting for us in the car park" she said about walk out the door when Jared grabbed her wrist gently,

"Wait I can I atleast have your number or email, I'm here for another two months, please Skye" Jared begged looking into her eyes, he pulled her close into a hug she wrapped her arms around him and got her phone out to give him her number and email adress, after they took a picture together and promised to keep in contact. The two girls said their goodbyes and left the venue and the bands behind.

Skye climbed into the backseat of Cassie's mums car and looked back at the venue, she pulled out her phone and stared at the photo of her and Jared that was now her wallpaper, she wiped a tear that was running down her face and put her phone away. She knew she would never see Jared again.

Back in his dressing room Jared was sitting by the window he was by earlier looking out into the cold winter night he then pulled out his blackberry and looked at the picture of him and Skye, he wondered if to call her or not, he didnt want to look desperate but he felt something there, something he never felt before even at that first touch he felt something was there. He put his phone away and looked back into the cold winter night and thought about Skye.

"Skye, one day, maybe we'll meet again" he said softly into the winter night before closing his window and getting some well deserved rest.

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