26. Disney Movies

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Toad: Today’s topic is…

Toadette: Disney Movies! Yep, Toad and I finish…

Toad: Each other’s sentences…

Toadette: And sandwiches!

Daisy: That doesn’t count, you were practicing that right before this chapter started.

Toad/Toadette: How do you know?!

Bowser: You were repeatedly saying that extremely long and pointless sentence right in front of us! And we’re not stupid.

Toadette: Braggart! Hmph. *crosses arms*

Toad: ANYWAYS… I love Disney movies! My favorite one is probably The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh.

Wario: *eyes light up* Winnie The Poo?

Everyone: *facepalms*

Toad: No, there’s an H at the end of… You know what. Well, I like the movie because it’s so cute and funny and there are lots of good quotes.

Mario: I think my favorite Disney movie is Wreck-It-Ralph. I went to Felix’s anniversary party!

Daisy: I love Brave. Merida is so cool!

Rosalina: I like Bambi. I remember seeing the movie last time I went here. None of you were around yet.

Mario: Do you like that movie because it reminds you of that storybook I read in your library?

Rosalina: Yes… *looks off into the sunset*

Toad: It’s not even lunchtime yet!

Rosalina: *looks off into the daylight* This is not as emotional as the sunset.

Luigi: Yeah Toad, let the writers choose everything.

Bowser: *suddenly wearing a neon pink tutu*

Peach: *suddenly holding a toilet plunger in one hand*

Waluigi: *suddenly a midget*

Toad: Whatever, let’s get back on topic.

Toadette: I like Lady And The Tramp because it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

Everyone: *stopped listening by the second “o”*

Pauline: I like Beauty And The Beast for two reasons! The first one is because it’s so romantic. And the second one is because it’s basically Bowser and Peach’s relationship. *snickers*

Bowser: YAY! *spins around in his tutu*

Peach: What are you implying?

Pauline: That I ship you and Bowser, since Mario is for ME!

Peach: He is MINE!

Pauline: Not for long…

Mario: Ladies-

Peach/Pauline: *start bickering*

King Boo: I like Peter Pan because of Neverland. I like its name.

Bowser: My favorite Disney movie is Maleficent for obvious reasons.

Yoshi: You like da cheekbones?

Bowser: NO! It shows the villain’s POV. Maybe I should get Disney to make me a movie like that.

Mario: You’d have to ask Nintendo, not Disney. But, Nintendo doesn’t make movies so too bad!

Pauline: Except for that horrible Super Mario Bros. Movie where everything was all out of whack. But, at least Peach was replaced with some other girl named Danielle! Plus, Daisy was the damsel in distress.

Peach/Daisy: Hey!

Diddy Kong: I like Chimpanzee.

Everyone: But, you’re not a Chimpanzee.

Diddy Kong: I know, but close enough! *unleashes the wrath of the Kongs*

Donkey Kong: And I like African Cats because a lion is an African Cat. Lions are kings of the jungle and they’re my equivalent.

Luigi: I like most Disney movies, especially Brother Bear! I think it has a cool plot. It teaches you to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you act.

Yoshi: Me like Lilo & Stitch. I like Hawaii and food and surfing and water and aliens and fire and flowers and Stitch and Nani and Lilo and Pleakley and watercolor backgrounds and He Mele No Lilo and trailers. Yes the trailers.

Mario: Okay…

Peach: Yes, watercolor backgrounds like the ones in Lilo & Stitch are lovely! My favorite movie would have to be the classic, Cinderella! Oh, it was so magical… But, there’s just one problem. Glass slippers must be really uncomfortable. If you step down too hard, you might break the slippers!

Wario: If I had to choose, my favorite Disney movie would be Alice In Wonderland. I want to have unbirthday parties and eat cake and tea all day!

Waluigi: I like Mulan because of the Imperial Army’s training sessions. They make great workouts.

Birdo: Tangled is the best! I’ve always wanted Rapunzel’s hair. It's such a shame Eugene cut it.

King Boo: But, you don’t have any hair at all!

Birdo: *crawls under a chair and sobs*

Koopa Troopa: I like the big hit, Frozen!

Dry Bones: That’s too new to be considered a classic. How about Snow White And The Seven Dwarves? That’s the classic of all classics!

Koopa Troopa: All Snow White did to meet her lover was DIE!

Dry Bones: Well, Anna’s naïve and Elsa can’t control her emotions!

Koopa Troopa/Dry Bones: *start bickering*

Yoshi: Why naïve got two dots on da "I"?

Hey guys! So how was that? @pinkandpeachy and I love Disney movies! They're really important to us and they're overall awesome! Anyway, please add, vote, and comment! :D

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