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Hello every one! I am the author! So i have been working on this book for a while and i am really glad some people read it.

This is my first story and i am really working hard on it. However, i know there are some mistakes, both grammatical and spelling in the book. I will edit it once i am done!!!

Thanks for reading.

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^^^^^lilys outfit^^^^^^


Lilly stared back at herself in the mirror. Her mother had dressed lilly into a pink skirt and white top. The top was low cut and showed her clevage that was defined by the tight and uncomfortable corset she was wearing underneath. Her skirt reached her mid thigh and she was wearing knee high white socks. Her face was free of make up and her long hair were tied in two braids.

"and this is the last thing" her mother came up behind her holding a box. She opened it to reveal a pink collar with lilys name on it. Lilly could not believe it! She had to wear a collar!

Shaking she begged her mother
"mom please! I will be good! Please don't send me away!"

"shut up" her mother replied glaring at the terifed girl. Lilly was quick to do just that.
Her mother put the collar behind her and tied it loosely. Lilly looked and felt like a slave. She had never been so humiliated!

The bell rang signaling her owner was here. Lily's mother squealed and quickly pulled lily downstairs, forcing her on her knees in the living room.

Lilly heard the door open and then click of heels.

"So that's her. Hmm.. She's cute" lily heard a silky voice say. The voice of her owner.

Looking up, Lily saw a tall girl in a tight black dress and high heels. The woman was average looking and seemed to be in her 30's. What scared lily the most was the look on the woman's face, sinister and evil.

Lily quickly looked down before anyone realized that she was looking up. Maybe if she was good, her parents will save her. Feeling a harsh pull on her hair, lily whimpered.

Maria, lily's new owner smirked. Lily seemed in pain from her harsh grip and this amused Maria more than anything. Smirking, she pulled at lily's hair, forcing her to face up. Lily kept her eyes downcast. She was not looking for more trouble. "Look at me" Maria spoke softly to lily. Scared, lily followed her orders. 'She was a beauty. Soft pale skin and cute innocent eyes. Just the way i like it.' Maria thought happily. She had made the right choice.

Pulling her to her feet by her hair Maria checked her out. She was short. Very short compared to Maria's height of 5'8

"Have my requirements been met!" Lily's owner questioned her parents, still maintaining a harsh grip on her hair. She was whimpering and had tears running down her face.

"yes ma'am. She has not had any human interactions or any friends. She has been taught manners."
Maria growled in approval tightening her grip on poor lily's hair. She sobbed in pain feeling as if her hair were going to come out!

Maria smirked, finally letting the little girl go.

Lilly crashed on the ground shaking. She was terrified. And that was very painful.

Maria took note of how lose lily's collar was and pulled the girl back up. Tightening the collar so that even a little tug with leash would choke her, she smiled satisfied.

Before lily had time to comprehend, she was being dragged by her owner to the car. She was pushed in and her owner followed. The collar was making it difficult to breathe.

Lilly sat on the edge of the seat. Her hands were shaking. She was afraid.

Maria smirked as she saw her slaves terrified form. Pushing lily onto the car floor Maria growled "pets don't sit on furniture. You stay where you belong."

Feeling a surge of confidence and adrenaline as the thought of being sold finally settled in, lily did something she knew she would regret.



lily had slapped Maria.

Lilly looked up in horror. She had slapped her owner. A little red mark had started growing. Lilly cowered back as she's saw her owner's deathly glare.

Not realizing they have arrived lily was surprised when her owner opened the car door calmly and stepped out before picking up lily and throwing her over her shoulder.

Lilly started screaming and trying to get away. It had no effect.

Maria was pissed. How dare her! How dare a measly pet hit her! She was going to show her who was the boss and not in a good way. Oh the pain lily was going to feel.

Maria threw lily on the hard mattress andd quickly tied her up.

Lilly was tied, lying on her stomach her hands tied to the bed and her ankles to the bed post. She was immobilized.

"You want to hit me? Well let me show you what happens when you do that"
Maria hissed in lily's ears who was still tugging and trying to get away.

"sorry s..ss..ssoor..rry. W..ww...woont...d..do" she was stopped from speaking by a quick slap.

"shut it before i gag you." Maria pulled at lily's collar, effectively choking her.

Smirking in anger, Maria ripped of lily's top and skirt. Lilly was left in her corset and knee high socks.

"p.. Please" lily begged again, making Maria become irritated with her slave.

Maria took out her leather belt and looked down at the tiny girl who has never been hit. This was going to be torture for her slave.

Lilly heard it before she felt it. A harsh, painful sting on her back as Maria hit her with her belt. Lilly surged forward from the impact and the pain. It burned.

Sobbing lily felt another hit. By the 20th hit, lily was unable to move, the pain taking over.

She was not expecting it, the next hit. It was not with the belt, she knew as this hurt more than any of the hits before.
Lilly heard screaming. A moment later she realized it was her. Maria had used something other than her belt, and the hit made lily faint.

Maria smirked as lily shook on the bed. Not wasting any time she delivered the next few hits on lilys body randomly with the whip.

Lilly had lost consciousness.

Maria looked at lily. The girl was shaking like a leaf. This was probably the first time she was hit.
Deciding that an unconscious girl was no fun, Maria huffed and left the room, lily still tied and unconscious.

"Blaze, come here." Maria called her servant

"Clean up" she ordered and left.

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