Chapter 18

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The week came quickly to an end and i had nightmares nearly every night. I would wake up sweating and crying and Jonghyun would take me in his arms. Insomnia ! He can't sleep anymore because of what happened. ''Jonghyun moonlight you have to sleep''...i mumbled sleepily. ''I can't...'' ''You have too...if you don't i wont...'' ''I'm scared...scared to revive it....'' ''It will be ok was an accident ....i forgave you so please let it go....i know it's hard because it might be harder for me but we can't keep on living in the past...we have to get up and move on....'' ''It's not the baby loss part that scare's the part were i hurted you....'' ''It was an accident...i've got much worse you know...Let's sleep...Rain is coming tomorrow...'' ''Sleep won't come....'' ''Listen to my breath and heartbeat....'' i whispered before falling asleep. Morning came and i was woken up by Kyungsoo. ''Taemin...wake up he's here...'' ''Ok...let me get dressed....'' he closed the door and i looked at my side to see a beautiful sleeping Jonghyun looking so peacefull. ''Jonghyun love wake up....'' ''I don't want to...'' ''We have too...Rain is here...'' I sat up to get ready when my handsome werewolf grabbed me by my waist and layed me back down hugging me. ''Where is my morning kiss...'' I chuckled and kissed him softly on the lips. ''Come on lazy ass let's get ready !'' I got up and got dressed watching Jonghyun put his clothes on. I took his hand and we went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast with everyone. I saw two unknown head. A tall tanned man with black hair and tattoos on his neck and a young teenager with ash blond hair and a small slim nose. ''Good morning you two ! How are you feeling today ?'' asked Woobin. ''I'm good ! I slept well !'' i said sitting down. ''You look better Jonghyun did you finally got some sleep ?'' ''Yes ! It feel good !'' ''Guys this is my teacher Rain and his apprentice Jisung ! Rain this is Taemin and his mate Jonghyun !'' ''Nice to meet you ! Kyungsoo told me a lot about you ! I'm sorry for your loss by the way !'' I froze in my seat and Jonghyun's grip on my hand tightened a bit.

''We would be glad if we could not talk about it...'' ''Sorry how insensitive of me ! Kyungsoo told me you had visions ?'' ''Yes i had only two for now ! One from the past were i saw my mom and her brother and one of the future were Jonghyun was holding our baby and i got stabbed in the heart before dying !'' ''That terrible ! Tell me Taemin what are you ?'' ''Could we talk after breakfast ? I'm really hungry !'' ''Of course !'' We ate making small talk when a piercing scream coming from Jinki was heard making Minho jump and sob silently. I got up and took him in my arms. ''It's gonna be ok...He's strong...don't worry...Yongguk won't kill him...'' I rubbed circle on his back until he stopped crying and i continued to eat. After breakfast we moved to the garden. ''So !'' ''I'm part Fairy and part Nymph ! I'm an Omega !'' ''What are your parents names ?'' ''Lee Naelia and Lee Songmin !'' ''Omo ! Naelia ! Oh god ! Ok ! Ok ! Let's start then !'' ''You know my mother ?'' ''Yes but it's not my place to tell you the story !'' ''And who will ? I have no one left ? My father died protecting me and my mom when i was young and my mother died not too long ago protecting me !'' ''You still have someone ! But let's start your training ! Jisung you're in charge of Jonghyun's training !'' ''Yes sir !'' ''Jonghyun's training ?'' ''Yes ! For now his wolf stay calm because of fear but if he is able to form an alliance with his wolf and have his support he will become way stronger ! He will become a true Alpha ! It's rare but since my friend from the Lunar coucil told me about him i know he can do it ! Now are you ready Taemin ?'' ''Yes !'' We started the training with some mental control and it went on for a few days.

Today is my fourth training day and the last one. ''We're nearly done Taemin ! You only need to learn and practice two more things before you know everything ! Are you ready ?'' ''Yes !'' ''Ok good ! You already noticed that you can control your fairy dust coupled with your bond right !'' ''Yes !'' ''You can either use it as a shield or to attack ! Let's try ok ?'' ''You want me to fight against you ?'' ''Exactly !'' ''I don't want to harm you !'' ''Don't worry ok ! Let's do it !'' I nooded before we started to fight. I took a few blow before mastering the shield. ''Now attack !'' ''How ?'' ''Picture a form that can harm !'' I though about a whip and made it lash at Rain making him fall. ''Great ! Very well done !'' As i helped him get up we heard a terrifying growl. I looked at Rain and we ran toward where Jisung is trainning Jonghyun. Once there we saw Jisung sitting on the floor shocked and Jonghyun rolling on the grass in pain. ''What happened ?'' asked my teacher while i sat next to my mate gently stroking his fur. ''I don't know ! We started the last point in the lesson and he fell to the ground whimpering in pain ! I don't know ! I didn't do anything !'' ''It's ok Jisung it's his wolf ! Don't worry he'll be fine in a few minutes !'' I was trying to calm him down because the pain was slipping in me through the bond. '''s ok moonlight...just breath it's's ok...'' I stayed beside him shoking on a sob when i saw bump forming under his fur and skin. ''What's happening ?'' ''His wolf is growing ! He's changing because his wolf accepted him ! It will be painfull but he'll be more powerfull !'' i sat there silently watching him when i felt something strange. ''Do you feel this Taemin ?'' ''Yes what is it ?'' ''Someone it trying to enter his mind ! Since i can't let you do this now i will-'' I looked in Jonghyun's eyes before focusing on the presence inside his head. 'Go away ! I won't let you touch him ! Go away before i make you go !' 'Try !' I focused really hard and i felt warm fairy dust swirlling around me. Soon the presence was gone. ''Wonderfull...Taemin that's impressive ! You just learned your last lesson ! All by yourself ! Good job !'' I smiled a bit before hissing. ''What's wrong ?'' ''It burn...'' ''What ?'' ''My face !'' I looked at them and they gasped. ''What ? What ?'' ''Your marks ! You have new ones ! They're beautiful !''

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