Chapter 1: Fire in the Night

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Chapter 1

Explosions. Explosions are what Seth heard when he was violently pulled from the dream world into the world of the living. At first all Seth could do was stare up at his ceiling and wonder why he had awoken before the sun. The answer wasn't long in coming, another explosion shook the entire foundation of his home in the Lightforce Academy. dust fell from the rafters of his house making him sneeze violently as he threw his covers back and leapt out of bed. Seth didn't understand what was going on at the moment, but one thing was clear, the Academy was under attack. Seth ran to his closet, smacking his knee on his bed frame. Resisting the urge to curse as he grabbed his knee in pain Seth continued to hobble to his closet which lay at the foot of his bed.

Another explosion turned night into day outside his window and the resounding impact bore into his skull with the force of a thunderclap. Seth shook it off and grabbed the handle of the wooden door that lead to his closet. Throwing it open Seth grabbed Sonfang from where it rested inside.
Seth ran his hand lightly over the handle fingering the the dark blue gem that was now encrusted in it. The water gem. It had planted itself inside his sword after he used it to end the invasion. It had been a year since the demons invasion. During that time there had been no more demon sightings. And while that was unusual it hadn't been unwelcome. So why the sudden attack out of nowhere.

These thoughts were swirling through Seth's mind as he willed armor made from the light to form around him. Two more explosions rocked the earth outside his window. Seth strapped Sonfang's scabbard to his side and bolted for the door his heavy armored boots causing the wood to creak as he ran.
Throwing open the door to his house Seth was greeted by a terrible sight. The city of the Lightforce Academy was in flames. People, agents and civilians both were sprawled in the streets. The agents were attempting to protect the civilians from the threat that seemed to be originating from the sky. In front of Seth a man standing protectively over two children roared at the sky. Looking up Seth saw the threat for the first time. Seth swallowed hard. As a thread of fear crawled it's way into his heart. His mind just simply couldn't believe what he was seeing in front of him. A black dragon cloaked in darkness descended upon them. Opening it's maw and belching a black fire down toward Seth. Seth knew he should move but at that moment his entire body froze. The fire engulfed him in a swirling blaze that inflicted upon him more pain than he could've imagined. Seth couldn't help it he screamed it and screamed, the feeling of his flesh melting and blood boiling driving him to madness. His vision began to go dark until finally all he knew was blackness.
Suddenly a scream tore from his mouth and he bolted upright. It was then that he knew that he was still in bed. That everything that had just happened had been a dream. Seth was drenched in sweat and his breathing was erratic. But he noticed none of that. One thought filled his mind as he began taking deep breaths to calm himself. Something was coming, something big and he had to warn the Academy.
Struggling, he got out of bed and donned his armor. Grabbing Sonfang he walked briskly out of his room. He knew just who to talk to. Hopefully he was still up. He left his house in the middle of the night in search of the one person who would know what to do. He went to find Strat Bannot.

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