What the f*ck is she doing on stage?!

The band started playing a particular song.

“Kurt, happy birthday”Gail smiled nervously at me. She just looked at me straight. Walang palya basta sa akin lang.


~I remember like it was yesterday

First kiss and I knew you changed the game

You had me exactly where you wanted and I'm on it~

Ano bang pumasok sa utak niya at nandyan siya?

~And I ain't ever gonna let you get away

Holding hands never made me feel this way

So special, boy it's your, your smile~

Her voice is wonderful. I never heard her sing. Well,yes I heard her but that was when we were in 1st grade. She's giving me an 'AYOS LANG BA?' look. I just nodded and smile. She has a sweet voice by the way. Yung focus ko na sa kanya lang kaya ‘di ko napansin na nakalapit na pala siya sa akin at dinala ako sa stage.

~We so in love, la, la, la, la

Yeah, we so in love, la-la, la, la, la

And I just can't get enough of your l-l-l-love

Yeah, we so in love, love, and I want you to know~

~You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up, oh boy, oh boy
You're my every, everything that I could ever dream of

You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up, oh boy, oh boy
You're my every, every, every, everything~


She’s now swaying her waist against me. She puts her left hand on my shoulder and I wrap mine on her waist. Mukha pa rin siyang nahihiya. She smiled at me, I smiled back.

~In a minute now, we're still holding it down
Butterflies every time you come around
You make me so crazy, it's crazy, oh baby

And I don't ever wanna be with no one else
You're the only one that ever made me melt
You're special, boy it's your, your style~


 Nakatitig lang kami sa isa't isa. Hindi man lang niya tinitignan yung mga tao na nanunuod sa amin. We're now holding each other's hand. Yung kanta niya parang sakto para sa aming dalawa. Ngayon ko lang napansin na tinanggal niya pala yung blaser niya na nakasuot kanina. Strapless tuloy siya. Sh*t!



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