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i huff in annoyance as i try for the millionth to unlock my locker, the combination etched into my head had just... disappeared. i knew it yesterday, and the day before, but now i just.. don't. i let out a stressed groan before sliding down to the floor of the hallway. i meet my english teacher today; i don't want to leave a bad impression.

maybe i should just tell the teacher what happened? maybe he/she will let me get away with it just for today. i try my hardest to be a good student, and this has never happened before, so i'm kind of worrying what the teachers reaction may be.

i sigh in frustration, getting up from the floor and looking around for my backpack, which i find a few feet away, my stuffie, mr bear hanging out of my backpack, making me smile at the thought of not being alone here.

i pick it up, zipping up my backpack and frowning when my best friend left my vision. i look down at my clothes, frowning at the 'boy' clothes that greet me. i hate 'boy' clothes, i would rather wear cute short shorts, or crop tops, or skirts. but unfortunately, the dress code does not allow it. i have to stick to gender specific clothes.

i shake my head, pulling my backpack over my shoulders and heading through the hallway still crowded with people, making my way to the english class for the first time ever, hoping that the teacher will be at least a tiny bit nicer seeing as it's my first class with them.

i approach the classroom door, my heart pounding slightly faster at what could happen in the next few moments. i could either be kicked out of the class, ruining my perfect reputation, or the teacher could go easy on me, borrowing me a class book and a pencil. i hope it's the latter. i'm afraid i might slip into little space if i get scolded by the teacher.

i open the classroom door, revealing a young man, dyed hair covering his beautiful eyes, my gayness coming out on an overload. he is gorgeous. i shake my head to rid of the thoughts as he looks at me, smiling politely.

"umm.. hi, sir. i'm tyler joseph, i'm new in this class, umm, i've kind of forgotten my locker combination so my books and stationary are kind of stuck in there." i frown, terrified as his once polite expression turns into a stern one.

"well, that won't do. i guess you will have to go to the principal's office then" he says, his eyes fixated on mine, a smirk covering his beautiful features.

"b-but please, sir, i'm meant to be a perfect student, i didn't mean to forget it, please, don't send me to the principal's office" i whimpered, tears filling my eyes.

hi face falls, before he rushes, "hey, don't cry, it was a joke, of course you can borrow the supplies today"

i look down, wiping my tears and nodding. not replying as i'm pretty sure i will slip into little space if i do. i smile gratefully at him as he passes me a notebook, a pen and a pencil, ushering me to my seat.

i sit down in the first row, making it easier to see the notes that he will write down o the whiteboard further into the lesson. i'm so lucky that he didn't embarrass me by sending me to the principal's office. my father would be so annoyed at me.

i need to be a perfect student, i need to be accepted.

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