XXXI: Unbelievable Prophecies

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Cornelia watched her friends over the replicated meal that rested on her fork. It was her favorite, just like her mother made, but it was not the same. The wine in her cup was stale and lacked the definition of the rich homegrown vintages she had grown up with. She eyed the glass of 'pure' water, with a taste as stale as the wine, next to it. The whole concept of it was still strange to her. It was the little things in her life that had been the hardest to adjust to. Even something as simple as water, without the additive of wine, was safe to drink.

The strange part was she could not figure out if it were her lack of interest or the fact that the meal had been manufactured from metal and dust that bothered her or something else entirely.

I should be happy here; she admonished her thoughts. In a vain attempt to drum up enthusiasm similar to Apollo's. Why should she not be? She was home, away from Gastonus, and seated next to her best friend. Her skin warmed at the thought of his touch and smiled wistfully. Okay, a little more than a friend.

She could feel Hades near her. She craved for more time alone with him, but ever since Artemis and Apollo came, Hades' exuberant mood from earlier had faded. He was a stranger amongst friends, and Cornelia did not feel like she belonged here either; she was alone in a crowd of giants a lonely human girl that despite all her efforts still needed to be rescued. In her eyes, four heroes and one stowaway sat around a table.

"Perk up pooky!" Apollo slurred through his words as the metal tankard in his hand was refilled with a putrid, golden, and frothy liquid. He pulled it away from the replicator and raised it high in the air. "Cheers to a safe return and victory over monsters!"

Cornelia forced a smile to spread her lips apart. "I am just tired. Don't mind me!"

"Cheers!" Apollo smiled and leaned toward Hades, "When are we letting the sixth member of this ramshackle crew out of her tower so she can join us for dinner?"

"Not tonight," Hades replied in a stern and inarguable voice. His eyes shifted from one crew member to the next, as if examining them, almost like he was hunting for something or someone.

"She is our guest!" Apollo protested, "How else will we be able to be safe around her? We have to break down that barrier."

"You're one to talk; she nearly killed you!" Artemis' voice erupted from her silent corner of the table. "I'll be damned if I let some beast-woman out just because you fancy her for a nighttime romp."

"Chill out sis; she is more than that, I love her." He said with a gentle puff of his chest in a challenge to Artemis' attack.

"You do not know a thing about her, and she almost killed you, brother." Artemis steel cold glare nearly silenced Apollo. Cornelia chuckled to herself as she watched him take a deep breath readying his response. Keyword 'nearly', nothing can silence Apollo.

"I know plenty about her, and you would too if you gave her half a chance." He protested slamming down the metal cup as more golden liquid sloshed out and all over Cornelia's dinner.

I wasn't hungry anyway; she sneered looking at the beer on food. Nasty swill, why did other places in this galaxy bother to make the stuff?

"Why should we trust her!" Artemis demanded, "That is a beast, she even tried to kill you. I witnessed it with my own eyes."

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