Me: Hello Everybody! This is competition on who cooks better!

Meta Knight: Get off of my cape!!

Fangirl: BUT I LOVE YOU!!

Me: ..... SECURITY!

* moments later *

Me: Ok! Over here! We have a mad cooker who has been in Cappy Town and is the only restaurant, and also made Kirby had heart burn! Here is Chef, Kaawwaaaasaaaakkkkiiii

Chef Kawasaki: good morning! I can my my Toxic Atomic Churry!

Kirby: -shakes head while closing mouth-

Me: And here we have! A star warrior who is.. Bajillion years old, fights side-to-side with 3D and Kirby. And is a Kirby! Here we have... Meta knight.

Meta Knight: -_-

Me: we'll be back after these commercials!

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