Chapter 3

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I hear voices I couldn't make out what they were saying and then I black out again. I wake again and I am choking on something. Somethings in my throat. A women was calling in a doctor and whatever he did stop the choking. My vision was blurry but i could make out someone next to me. They my vision started clear. "Lucas." I whispered. He stood up looking at me worried. "What happened?" I asked. "Your awake!" He said cheerfully. He sounds older? Wait how is that passable? "Beck your really awake!" he hugged me. Wait since when does Lucas hug people? "Hey whats going on?" I saying hugging him back. He pulled away and looked at me. " This going to be hard to take, Beck you've been in acoma for 3 years." He said with a heart breaking voice. "No, I was just talking to you in your room! The I felt someone grabbed my shoulder and I don't remember after that." I yelled. "Beck, Dad is the one that grabbed your shoulder, He threw you against an eage of a wall. I walking in the house from getting some pop out of my truck and I seen it happened. After that I called 911 and  bate the living crap out of Dad ." He explained, "But why was in acoma?" I asked. "your head hit the very hard and you broke almost every bone in each leg. I'm surprised you remember as much as you did." He explained some more. 

(Lucas flashback 3 years ago)

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I was standing in the hospital hall as a few cops held me back from kill my own father. "You could have killed him you fucking dick if a bitch!" I yelled louder. "I swear if he dies in there i am personal visiting you in prison and killing you!" I am so pissed off! "Let go of me!" I yelled at the cops and they did. I walked away and into Becks room. My mom was holding his hand as she cried. Seeing him laying there with a tube down his throat helping him breathe and a helmet from where had to remove part of his skull to keep his brain in good shape.(WRITER TALKING YES THIS TRUE I KNEW A PERSON WHO HAD TO HAVE THIS DOWN) Then his legs have casts on them from his toes to his his on both legs. "Why did you walk down stair Beck." I was angry with myself i should have let him know i was going to my car! GOD DAMN IT! I punched the nearest wall and left a whole my hand is bleeding but i don't care. after a little bit my mom left and I sat in Beck's room alone. "I love you little brother not in the way I should Just please dont die on me. I need back Beck." 

(out of flashback Lucas)

"Luuuucas." I hear Beck say i  that playful voice . I gave him another hug as tears fell down my face. "I'm glad your awake." I whispered, I felt his arms wrap around me and i cried somemore this moment is the most awesomest moment of my life.


there still going to be alot of sex in this book but the rest not some much the abuse is over and drug many the drinking anyways 


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