Chapter 7

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Dear  anonymous ally.

My name is Molly Weasley. We've been told that you have been through much and is wise and if we ever need help we can contact you for advice.

I know you are here to protect Harry Potter, but I beg of you please whatch over my sons. I have twins and my youngest who is currently at Hogwarts. Their names are Fred and George and my youngest son's name is Ron, he is also the same age as Harry. Please keep them safe they do not know of the war that is coming.

How do I cope with this? A war is threatening our existence and it revolves around children. And my children is in the bloody middle of it. Every minute of every second I worry about them. What can I do to ease my mind that they will be safe?

You are probably busy and if you can't respond it is alright. Thanks for reading.


When Percy was done reading the letter he had tears in his eyes. It reminded him of his own mother, now unable to send him letters. He quickly took out a quill, ink and a parchment to write back before the others wake up.

Dear Mrs Weasley

I am never too busy to answer the call of a caring mother. This letter brought tears to my eyes, it reminded me of my mother that recently passed away. Of course I'm not just here to protect Harry, I'm here to protect all wizard kind. That includes your son's.

Do net fret, Ron is currently fast asleep and is snoring quite loudly I must say. Fred and George are both alright, still the pranksters they were born to be.

As for your piece of advice.

The fact that you worry means that you care and that alone means the world to your children. I know nothing I can say will stop you from worrying, but hear me when I say. Whenever you need me to be there for either you or your children just pray to lady Trivia and she will immediately tell me and I will come to your aid.

Remember you can always speak to me to ease the stress and/or advice.

PS.  You can from now on just address me as Pluto at the beginning of the letter. This will stay between us.

Sincerely PJ

Percy held the letter in his hand and suddenly it was ingulfed in flames. Little does he know that he was so focused on writing he didn't realise that Ron had awoken and was looking. His eyes wide when he saw the fire.

Percy then stood up and went to the bathroom to get ready. He had to dress like this every morning since he couldn't let the others see his scars. After he was done he came out and followed the rest of his house to the great Hall.

Ron had quickly pulled Harry over to Hermione ' Ron calm down mate! What are you so worked up about!? ' He ignored him and when they reached Hermione he talked in hushed tones ' You guys will never guess what I saw this morning.' Hermione gave him a quizzical stare ' What are you going on about now? ' Harry piped up ' Yeah mate I'll also like to know. ' Ron just rolled his eyes and started to explain.

' This morning I was waked due to the smell of burning. I opened my eyes to see that Percy had gotten a letter that had came out of a burst of flames in front of him. He the read it like it was normal. Afterwards he got out his writing materials and wrote a letter back.'

Hermione was now listening attenly to gather any piece of information concerning the raven haired boy. Harry was annoyed that he got dragged here for this ' So what Ron? Why does this matter?' Ron looked at them with a knowing glint in his eye ' That wasn't the real reason I told you..... After he was done writing his letter he put on his palm and suddenly a flame burst out of his hand and burned the letter. When the letter was gone he just made the flames go away and stood up to go to the bathroom. '

The other two was listening wide eyed, suddenly Harry's eyes became wider. ' Now that you mentioned it, he also doesn't dress with us in the room he always goes to the bathroom to put on his robes. ' Harry and Ron started to discuss this whole Hermione was in her own world thinking.

Something not right about that boy. I need to know she thought. All while this discussion was going on Percy was happily chatting away with Luna and some other Ravenclaws.

At a misshapen house called the Burrows was a woman washing dishes and singing along to some music. After she was done she started to pack some plates on the table for tonight's dinner when all of a sudden a burst of flames appeared in front of her. Startled she gave out a yelp and dropped one of the plates on the floor.

A letter slowly drifted down onto the table. Gingerly she opened it and when she saw who it was from she quickly sat down to read the rest of it. When she was done her hand was on her mouth and tears glistened in her eyes. She tucked away the letter and went on with her day, a little less worried than before, knowing her sons were safe for the time being.

Hermione was in the library reading up on flame control but so far all she could find was the veela who could throw fireballs when angry. She was also researching about anything important that could be down in that hatch under the giant three headed dog.

Harry was busy training for the upcoming quidditch match while Ron was in his room eating chocolate frogs.

Percy was actually spending some time in Hogsmead with Hecate and Hestia who had come to visit him knowing of the wizarding world. Of course nobody knew he was there.

They visited all the candy stores they could find. Eating until the were sick, but unfortunately Percy had to go back to Hogwarts for the rest of the day since he still had classes to attend. After a few goodbyes he shadow travelled into the bathroom of his room.

Quickly grabbing his books he ran to transfiguration where the class was already sitting and waiting for professor McGonagall. There was a ginger cat sitting on her desk licking it's fur. ' Phew looks like n made it' but just before he could sit down the cat jumped off the desk and midair turned into the professor. She had blank expression on her face.

' What do you say for yourself now Mr Jackson? ' Percy stood there for a second thinking of something only Persassy could come up with ' A cat animagus huh ? Ok then....... meow! That means I'm sorry I'm late professor, but I'm sure you understood' with that he gave a lopsided grin and sat in his seat.

Everyone just stared at him thinking he's going to get expelled for the comment when suddenly professor McGonagall started laughing. When she was finished she swiped away a stray tear ' That was actually quite good Mr Jackson. Now let's get on with the lesson '

She then went on to explain that they were going to change a brick into another object. After demonstrating for the class she told them to transfigure the brick on their table.

Hermione kept close attention to Percy to see if he'd slip up today again. Everyone was too focused on their own brick to notice the person next to them, except Hermione. That's when she saw it.

Every time that McGonagall would be where she could see him, he would just tap his wand on the brick making it look like he's struggling. But the moment she walks past him and she's facing away every time he taps the brick, it would turn into something else. Car, shoe, horse, dancing little elves. Hermione couldn't believe her eyes, not one other student was succeeding and here he was doing it like it was nothing with that bored look in his eyes again.

She turned away from the boy in question and focused on her own brick, but her mind kept going to the raven haired boy that comes of as the average wizard, but instead hides the fact that he may well be a prodigy.

The rest of the day went smoothly and for Percy, boring as fuck. At dinner he was found talking with some of the older Griffindor's. Hermione had yet to tell Harry and Ron about everything she's noticed about him.

The next morning Percy found another letter from Molly. This became a part of his daily routine, to write back. She confided all of her fears with him and eventually they started talking as friends. She still doesn't know who he is, but it doesn't seem to mind her.

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