4.I love you

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"Yo Jess pass it here quick 1 2!" We were in PE class and she threw the ball at me I gripped it, took a deep breath, took my stance and released the ball,with a swish it flew straight down the net, "three pointers for dayzzzz!" Me and Jess did our handshake "nice shot Y/N!" Everyone was cheering "ayyeeeee Y/N your fucking awesome at basketball!"

I looked around with a smile in my face and saw my Latina girlfriend she was wearing a smile and bit her lip looking me up and down, i tried my best to contain myself and not make out with her in front of everyone, that was a challenge.

"Alright PE class is over,get dressed and head to second period," our PE teacher shouted, she hated me,she hated all of us only cause I crossed her over once and the rest of the kids laughed I only did it cause I wanted some fun.

We were in the dressing room and I was getting changed, next to me, my best mate Jess, I took of my top and looked around I saw Camila eyeing me up and down i know what she wanted she bit her lip and I bit mine, not gonna lie but I was pretty built I've been training for a good 5 years I had full toned 6 pac abs,a V line, broad shoulders,sexy collar bones and a toned back so I wouldn't really blame her for staring.

She was trying to look away but I could feel her staring at me from across the room every few seconds.

2nd period was English, and thank fuck for that, I get to sit next to Camila, luckily we sit in rows and me and her sit pretty close but I was happy for that.We sat in our usual places our row was right at the back,it went me,Camila,Jess,Justin and Kevin who was another friend of mine, every lesson we would catch loads of jokes together.

As we were settling down i saw the guy I despised the most walk in,Austin Mahone,my god I hated everything about him he just pissed me off the way he would like at Camila looking at her up and down,his friends are dickheads too, they just follow him around everywhere, the fact he thinks he owns the school and the way he treats girls like dogs, when they should be treated with respect.

I eyed him with anger as he walked towards us looking at Camila "hey Camila I was wondering if you wanna hang out with me on Saturday I'll take you anywhere you want"? he said with hope in his voice.

I eyed him up trying to make him go away hoping we would take some action of leaving."Nah I'm alright Austin I have some....other plans," she said trying to hint she's not interested, "Oh come on Camila just for Saturday besides I'm everyone's type I know you want some" he said sniggering.

I get up and clench my fist "she said no Austin leave her alone" I looked straight into his eyes and clenched my jaw I could feel my heart rate rising Camila held my hand as I stood beside her "Oh Yeh what are you gonna do Y/N?" I let go of Camila's hand and got closer to him he took a step back ,"What are you afraid?If you lay one finger on her and I'll fucking beat the shit out of you,you faggot don't fucking think you can get cheeky with me cause your're with your dickhead friends now sit down and shut the fuck up!"

Austin gulped and just when he was gonna say something we saw the teacher walk in "Mr Mahone you may take your seat now" as Austin walked away I was looking in his eyes and watched him walk backwards and turn his face.

The rest of us sat down and Camila held my hand from under the table "thank you babe" I let a smile creep out and said "no problem it's my job to protect and love you don't worry about him cause I'm here now" We smiled at eachother and I kissed her hand.

Camila's POV
Y/N is perfect, for some reason her being mad was smexy, as her jawline enhanced and the daring look in her eyes looks so intimidating. And she gets so protective over me it makes me feel so loved and safe. And when she smiles the way her dimples made her 10000% more hotter,the way her brown eyes looks into mine and they just have that sparkle, the way her touch made me feel,the way she knows how to handle me,the way she holds me,the way she kisses me she is perfect 😍,our hands fitted perfectly which made me smile, her smile was everything it was like a drug to me and I couldn't get enough of it.

"You're staring Camila," she said without looking at me "i can't help myself" I gave her a cheeky smile and she held my hand tighter as I went back to work.

An hour flew by I guess time does fly with your girlfriend by your side and your best friends catching jokes with you there's no way this day could be better.

The only problem was that me and Camila had to keep things on the low which was annoying I wanted to love her and she wanted to love me but I know our school, no one is mature enough to accept the LGBT community, the LGBT community is a beautiful thing and i couldn't be more proud to be part of it.

It was the end of school and me and Camila needed eachother since we only spent 4 hours at school seeing eachother time to time we ran towards the back of the school and starting making out.... honestly couldn't care less about anything else as I had my girlfriend in my arms that's all we wanted.....eachother.

We pulled away desperate for air and looked in each others eyes as we were head to head, thank god I had that chewing gum otherwise my breath would've smelled like chocolate and strawberries I guess that's not so bad but nothings better than minty breath.

"Hey Camila I need to tell you something" she pulled away "what's up babe?" I looked in her eyes and bit my lip "I love you" as I was looking at her I felt my heat rate pick up waiting for her to say something she gave me a smile "I love yu too babe" I breathed out in relief as I intertwined our hands "let's go back to my place" as we got up "okay I hope your mum likes me" it's okay she will I said "She doesn't know about me yet I'll tell her soon," Camila looked at me with worry isn't her eyes "Are you sure about this baby," I said "Babe don't worry I promise you'll be fine my dad h- he left a few years ago so my mum takes care of me now,he was the homophobic one everytime he would make remarks about being gay it hurt me inside but I kept my mouth shut since he didn't know" I let a tear escape my eye as I look down and Camila uses her index finger to put it back up she wiped my tears with her thumb "baby don't cry you know I love yu so much im sorry about your dad and if he saw you rn then he would've regretted leaving you in the first place and one day I can't wait to take a step further with you cause you make me crazy and I love it so don't cry babe show me that beautiful smile" I look at her and kiss her with love....... I take her hand and drag her towards my house we held hands the entire way and she made me smile I loved that, before I walked in, Camila grabbed my hand "baby are you sure about this?" I took a deep breath, "I'm ready".

I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far I'm really sorry I haven't been able to to update often but let me know what you guys think and I'll make improvements and give some suggestions about what you'd like to see love you guys

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