Levi x Reader

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You woke up rubbing your eyes as you lay in your bed as the sun shone through your window.

You had been in the survey corps for what seemed like ages now and you loved it although, some days were amazing, you would be with your friends but other days.. When you were on expeditions well.. They weren't so good.

You stood and carried out your daily routine putting on your uniform and walked out your dorm down to the mess hall to get breakfast.

"Hey ____!" Eren called as you walked in "hey guys" you said as you sat down at a table were Eren, Mikasa and Armin sat. They were your best friends ever since what happened to your parents.

"Your hairs a mess ____." Mikasa stated rather bluntly "oh, thanks" you replied trying to fix your hair "____ let me do it!" Eren said as he leaned over to you fixing your hair, as he was trying to fix your hair you herd someone walking in front of you and they coughed, you squinted as you realised who it was.

Eren slowly let go of your hair and you looked up embarrassed "what do you think you are doing?." The Corporal asked in his cold voice "err-" you started but Eren cut you off "I-I was just fixing her hair, sir" he said as he looked at the corporal in fear "and why are you doing that in here?." Levi carried on questioning Eren but before Eren could answer Levi was called over to another table.

"My gosh I thought I was dead!" Eren stated as he looked over at you in fear "yeah me too" you agreed and looked down blushing a bit considering your feelings for the corporal.

"Anyway I better go bye ____, Armin" Eren said as he stood from the table and left with Mikasa soon following after him.

A few minutes of silence passed "Are you ok ____?" Armin asked as he slightly blushed. You could tell that Armin kinda liked you.

"I'm fine, are you ok?" You asked trying to make a conversation "yes thanks.. Well I was wondering.. If.. You wanted to eat together some time..?" Armin asked with a few pauses.

You smiled at Armin "I would love to, or we could do something else considering we are already eating together" you suggested.

"Like what?" Armin asked with a smile spread across his face "well we have a few hours before training starts so why don't we go to the library?" You asked as he gave you a nod "yes ok.. Shall I meet you in there in a bit?" He asked as he stood. "Yeah" you answered with a smile.

He knows that before you do training or anything you like to take a stroll around the building and look at the scenery. As you answered he left and you soon followed and made your way outside of the building.

Feeling the warm sun on your face you walked over to your favourite spot. Underneath a big tree where you were shaded from the sun.

You sigh as you sit underneath and look up at the sky thinking about all your friends at the survey corps and how lucky you are but you were soon brought out of your thoughts when a familiar cough could be hard next to you.

"C-Corporal I'm sorry I didn't see you there" you said as you stood and saluted "Tch." He made that noise as he looked at you with his steel grey eyes.

You thought for a moment, why is the corporal just standing there? "erm.. Corporal can I help you?" You said surprisingly without stuttering.

"yes. How do you like the corps?." He said turning towards you still with his stoic expression. "It's amazing.." You said as you started to wonder off in your mind "the people here, they don't judge you, there all.. Most of them are friendly" you said as you sat back down under the tree.

"Tch. 'Friendly'" he said mocking your words "the corps isn't a place for friendship." He said as he crossed his arms.

"No, your right.. I'm sorry" you said and looked down "stop apologising brat." He said as he looked straight at you "meet me in my office after your done on your date with Cadet Arlert." He stated "I-it's not a date?! " You stuttered. How does the corporal know?! You thought but you couldn't question the corporal "oh really" he started "I think he likes you." You were surprised by the corporals sudden change "n-no.. He doesn't" you said and stood up "I may be wrong ____ but let's just say that's very rare." He said back to his normal cold voice and he soon left.

He just called me by my first name?! You thought as you walked to the library. Is this really a date? You remembered what the corporal had said as you opened the door to see Armin sat down reading a book.

"Hello ____" he said giving you a small wave and you waved back as you sat down opposite him "what are you reading?" You asked curious "it's a book.. About the outside world.." He replied and you had a shocked expression on your face "really?! Can I have a look?" You asked and he handed you the book.

"Wow it looks amazing" you said really interested in the book. "It's all so beautiful" you said saying what you were thinking. "Not as much as you.." You hard Armin mumble as you gave him the book back but you pretended you didn't hear it.

"Armin are you ok?" You asked him as he was looking down at the table. "Y-yes I'm fine" he replied and gave you a small nod when he lifted his head. "If you say so" you replied and looked at Armin.

"I wanna see an ocean Armin" you said as you placed your hands on his, he flinched a bit but soon got comfortable "me too, listen" he took a deep breathe "I-" was all he could say when you herd the door slam open "____ Corp-" Eren started but soon stopped as he looked at you and Armin holding each other's hands.

You both pulled your hands away from each others and looked over at Eren. "You were saying?!" You said to Eren trying to forget about what he saw. "Oh. I was gonna say that Corporal Levi wants to see you" he said "but he said when I was done" you said annoyed "____ he seems really angry so I think you should go" Eren stated as he walked towards you and Armin.

You sighed and looked over at Armin who was blushing but so were you. "I'm sorry" you said as you walked away "it's ok" Armin replied and you made your way out the door.

On your way to the corporals office you herd footsteps following you. "Hey ____!" Eren said as he jumped to your side. "Why are you following me?!" You asked rather annoyed.

"I wanted to know why the corporal wanted to see you" he said as he walked beside you. "I have no idea" you said as you made it to his door.

"You can go now Ere-" you said but as you looked around he was nowhere to be seen. Oh.. He must've left already, you thought and knocked on the Corporals door.

"State your name and business." His cold voice could be hard through the door. "Cadet ____, you wanted to see me Sir" you replied and you soon herd a low pitched "come in." From the other side.

You walked in and saluted your superior. "Sit." He said bluntly pointing to the chair in front of his desk.

You sat down and looked at him, his dark hair that shone because of the sun flooding in from his window behind him, his steel grey eyes and- "cadet ____ are you even listening." He said with anger in his voice "s-sorry Sir" you apologised as you came back to reality "Levi. When we are just in the company of each other just call me Levi." He said as he sighed.

"Sorry.. Levi.." You said and looked down because of how much your were blushing. "Tch, And stop apologising"

"S- yes Levi" you said looking up at him once your blushing had calmed down but it soon spread again once Levi decided to come closer to you.

"Do you know why your here?." He said like he was teasing you. "N-no" you stuttered as you felt his breathe on your neck. He sat back in his seat. "I want you on my squad." He said as you made a shocked expression "m-me?!" You asked "yes you." He said as he looked you in the eyes.

"But why not someone like Mikasa or-" you were cut of when Levi stared at you with even more anger. "It's not just about your skills ____." He started "earlier today you told me about no one judging you and you having good friends, it made me think that we need someone like you around, not only someone with exceptional talent but also with a personality." He said leaning towards you again "t-thank you Levi!" You said as you stood from Your chair.

"Did I dismiss you ____?." He asked and you stopped in your tracks. "Sor-" you started but were cut of by Levi who had made his way over to you.

"Do you like Armin?." He asked his grey eyes staring into your (e/c) ones. "N-no" you stuttered and you were now as red as a tomato. "Good. We can't have that brat getting in the way." He said making his way back to his desk. "You are dismissed." He said once he sat and you left his office.

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