Chapter 8

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We followed the butler, the sound of our shoes echoing as we marched up the set of stairs and through corridors

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We followed the butler, the sound of our shoes echoing as we marched up the set of stairs and through corridors. When I ran back to the castle an excited Hollie told me the news. Apparently, the authorities couldn't send anyone to clear the roads until tomorrow due to the storm knocking down the power lines. They had to get someone in to fix those first. Now we have to spend the night in a castle that is beyond creepy in my opinion.

Walking down a passageway somewhere on the second floor, I lost count of the many turns to get where we were and because of Felix's clinginess. Felix followed behind me and Hollie. Maya and Kera taking up the front. The weight of heavy eyes plastered to my backside was much lower than I wished. I tried my best to shake it off, but when Jarvis stopped to talk about the history of a painting or something else, I could feel the radiating heat of Felix stepping close to me before his fingertips would trace up and down the side of my arm. It took everything in me to be polite and not swing my head back into his or send my elbow behind me and into his ribcage.

Jarvis happened to turn our way when Felix slipped an arm around my waist, pulling me into him as his other arm squeezed my hip. I became rigid and looked away from Jarvis's obvious disapproving frown. I sent Jarvis a pleading look in hopes of finding sanctuary from the lug trying to grope me.

"Well then, Let's end the history lesson, here shall we?" Jarvis pinned Felix with an intense stare. Even though it wasn't aimed at me, I still felt the discomfort from it. Felix gave a nervous laugh like a child getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar, and his arms loosened and dropped from me. I let out a relieved sigh. Stepping up beside Maya, I gave Jarvis a grateful smile and linked arms with Maya just like Kera did on Maya's other side.

Jarvis dipped his head in a slight bow before spinning around to hasten down the hallway, "Let's get a move on. Dinner will be served at precisely seven o' clock. The master asked for each of you to wear the chosen garb laying on the bed so your experience here will seem genuine."

All I can hope for is the others would be able to remember where we were and for this little tour to end so I can put my foot down with Felix. I can always stick by Maya and Kera if it turns ugly. With the number of doors in this stretch of hallway, we are bound to be close quartered.

Rounding a corner Jarvis stopped in front of a dark green, wooden door, covered with gold painted swirls.

"The married couple will occupy the green room. Miss Hollie will be the next door over in the purple room, and Mr. Felix will remain across the hall in the grey room. I took the liberty of preparing the fireplace in each room. It tends to get chilly after sunset."

Maya and Kera smiled at one another and shrugged, "Green is your favorite color Maya said, leaning sideways into Kera as her arm was draped over Maya's shoulders.

"And gold is yours puddin'!"

Hollie squealed and raised her hands to cover her cheeks, a wistful look overcame her eyes, "Purple. That's a sign of royalty! I guess that means I'll be getting the royal treatment, huh?"

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