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I kept my eyes level with her evil ones. I didn't make the intimidation nor the fear I was feeling show. My eyes darted around the area, landing on every person briefly before returning to her.

Her. I should have known it would be this woman. Yet she was in the picture so briefly I practically forgot she even existed. After that one annoying night and the days passing by, she was no longer apart of anyone's memory.

"Why are you doing this Janet?" I asked. I was genuinely interested in the answer she was going to give me. I could see the annoyance scattered across her face probably because I was stalling.

"Why? WHY?" She suddenly burst out into a fit of screams. Her face instantly turned to a light shade of red and her eyes were blazing with fury. The only thing missing would be the smoke shooting out of her ears.

"All you Quantum family members do is lie and steal." She hissed out, pointing one of her perfectly manicured nails at my chest. Her face scrunches up into one of distraught.

"He was mine before he was yours. He was my father." She whispered out. I noticed tears appearing and swimming in her eyes. The sympathy I felt was minimal, but still there. Surprisingly.

"He was a quiet man and I was the result of a one-night stand but he never forgot about us. My mother wasn't poor nor was she rich but none of that mattered to her. She loved my father." Janet looked down at the floor and clenched her fists around the thin beaker. She looked at it angrily.

It was my chance to jump on her and interrupt her sad story yet her words had me stuck in my spot. It seemed like she had information about my father in his past life.

"But when we found out that he was seeing some human it broke her. She no longer heard from him and he stopped interacting with the world. He was never home and was always sneaking out to see her." Her lip curled up into a sneer and her blazing eyes were back on me.

"We knew you were coming Clancy. Everyone knew. You were supposed to be dead. Rhyannon was supposed to kill you. But obviously, the useless fae failed."

Jovanni jerked and angrily bore his eyes into Janet's back once she described Rhyannon negatively.

"You were supposed to be eaten alive by that rogue at the mall. Rhyannon wasn't supposed to help you and because of him," Janet pointed behind her towards Jovanni. " You both got away."

"You're such a creep. Following me around and planning out my dead you sick psychopath."I cursed which egged Janet on to laugh. She let out a light fake chuckle while her eyes were searing into mine showing malice.

"I've been following you around since you left, but It seems like everyone that spotted you failed their execution mission. Sucks really." Janet clicked her tongue and shrugged. Her smile came back, and she held up the tube with the sacred liquid.

"But I have one thing you're never going to get." She smirked

"Enzo's mine Clancy. And this proves it." She held up the antidote and waved it around while smirking. I clenched my jaw tightly I heard and felt it crick. I was holding myself back from beating this b*tch up a second time. She continued to smirk while holding the tube and twirling it between her fingers.

She stepped back and kept her watchful eyes on my frozen figure. She then leaned her head to the side in the direction of Finn and I watched in complete horror as the guard slashed a small cut on his neck, it was enough to draw blood.

"No!" I yelled out and threw my hand in front of me as if it was supposed to stop the actions of the guard. Immediately two strong hands grabbed harshly onto my forearms keeping me in place. Finn let out a low growl yet didn't flinch in pain. I could tell his body was weak and he couldn't physically fight back. They must have drugged him with something.

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