~ Restricted Chapter ~

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The time as finally come to make the anticipated sex scene! Those who don't want to read, you won't miss anything so you can skip. Wait until the next chapters up!

For my dirty readers... enjoy (;


" Yep. " I barley have any time for the words to come out of my mouth as his lips are brought to mine with some force.

I dig my fingers in his hair as we fight for dominance. He licks my bottom lip for entrance and I smirk. He notices I'm not going to let him in so he sneaks his fingers under my shirt, making me gasp. He takes that opportunity to plunge his tongue into my mouth.

His lips leave mine and trail down my neck to my mark. I hold on him tightly for support when he gently sucks on my mark, making me moan softly and sparks irrupted all over my body, making me get goosebumps.

I grind my hips against him slowly, making him moan huskily. I smile knowing the affect I have on him and let my hands roam under his shirt, feeling his fit body. My soft fingers feel up and down his abs and I admire it. He takes his shirt and rips it off of him and I try not to stare at his abs.. holy shit my mate is hot as fuck.

" Take a picture it'll last longer. "' Sean says smirking at me.

" I wasn't staring. " I cross my arms over my chest, defending myself and Sean rolls his eyes playfully at me. " Oh yeah? Cause you're drooling a little. " he takes his hand and runs it over my lips.

" There was nothing there so ha. " I smile with my teeth and he just laughs at me. Things became heated again and I wrap my arms around his neck and make out a little more. I take off his shirt that I was wearing and break the kiss.

The top part of my lingerie has a clip in the back so I reach behind me to unclip it. I let it fall, exposing my breasts and throw the lingerie on another part of the bed. His eyes were focused on my chest as I watched for his reaction.

He cups my face with his hand and whispers, " You're so beautiful. "

I smile widely and look down blushing to myself. He makes a move to take his shirt off and lifts it over his head. His muscles in his arm flex as he throws his shirt where my lingerie landed and turns back to me.

He continue making out a lot while feeling eachother and taking out clothing off until we were completely bare to eachother. I position myself so I'm on top and Sean feels up my chest and onto my breasts making me softly moan.

He takes my left nipple in his mouth and gently sucks on the sensitive nub making me moan louder. He takes my right breast in his other hand and squeezes it roughly.

" You sounds so sexy when you moan. " I giggle at his remark and run my fingers down his stomach making him stiffen. I go lower until my hand met it's destination. I take ahold of his dick and trust it slowly making Sean cursing under his breath.

I stop leaning over him and give him a quick kiss before I move so that I'm hovering over his lower body. I hear Sean's breathing stop as he knew what I was about to do. I take ahold of his dick again and bring my lips to the head. I lick on it seductively and sense him stiffen.

I enclose my mouth on it and start sucking up and down making a moan huskily roll off his lips. As I move a little faster with my pace I take ahold of his dick and thrust it too, making him go hard. He moves his hands into my hair helping me move faster with my pace. I feel him getting close to his climax so I stop.

Suddenly, he forcefully flips us so he's on top again and reaches over to the nightstand. He takes ahold on the condom and gives me one last look for approval.

" Last chance before I won't be able to control myself. " He says trying to calm down his heart rate. I nod my head and pull him so his body is almost touching mine and whisper, " I'm all yours babe. " With that puts on the condom and sets himself.

He makes me question what he's doing when he leans down so that his lips are near my vagina. I gasp when his lips are brought to it and I feel his tongue plunge into my entrance. My fingers bring themselves to his hair and tug lightly, making him growl. He stops licking and shoves a finger in my entrance. I find myself breathing heavily and I try and calm myself down.

He thrusts his finger slowly at first and then quickens his pace while also sucking at my sensitive skin. After a few seconds he adds another finger, and then another finger until I'm about to climax. He then hovers back over me and I feel Sean enter me making tears brim my eyes because of the pain. He kissed my forehead and thrusted slowly in me. After a tiny bit I felt sparks and the pain was instantly replaced with pleasure.

My back arched as he thrusted faster and after a while I felt us getting close to our climax. We climaxed and he rolled off of me beside me. We both had trouble controlling our breathing.

" That was the best sex I have after had. " Sean says I'm between breathes. My eyes flicker to his amused ones, " It better be the ONLY sex you've had. " I raise my eyebrows in question and he sighs in defeat, " It is. "

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