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Chapter 4 

I lay on my bed staring up to the roof as I listened to the rain trickling down. Light flashed past my eyes and a few seconds later I heard the rumble of thunder.  

"Harry. I'm scared." I turned my head to see Louis lying down next to me on the bed.  

"Hey Lou. Are you scared of thunderstorms?" I asked him.  

"Yes. I can't stand thunderstorms." he replied.  

"It's ok, Lou. I'll stay here with you." I replied. We lay in silence for a while.  

"Why don't we get to know each other? You'll ask me a question and I have to answer it and then you'll answer it and then I ask you a question and so on so forth." I said.  

"Ok. Favourite Movie." he said.  

"Love Actually." I said, hesitantly. I didn't really like admitting that my favourite movie was a "chick flick"  

"Mine's Grease." he replied.  

"Hm....Birthday?" I asked. 

"24th December 1991." he replied.  

"1st February 1994." 

"Full name." he asked me.  

"Harry Edward Styles."  

"Louis William Tomlinson.""  

"Favourite.... hmmm... food!" I asked.  

"CARROTS!!!!!!" he screamed.  

"Ow! Lou! My ear drums!" I replied.  

"Oops! Sorry." he said.  

"My favourite food is sweet corn. " I said.  

"Ok. Favourite outfit." he said.  

"Um... a Jack Willis jacket or blazer and then a t-shirt and jeans or chinos." 

"A stripy shirt, suspenders, red chinos and TOMs." he described.  

"School." I said.  

"Hall Cross School."  

"Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School." I said. 

"Ok... Your nicknames!" he said.  

"Um. Hazza, Haz. Yeah I think that's it." I replied. 

"Um. Well... My mum used to call me Boobear." he said, blushing. 

"Haha. I'm going to call you that now!" I said.  

"Ugh! I shouldn't have told you." he said. It felt so good to be talking to someone like this. Just casually talking and not caring what the other think. It was like we'd been friends forever but we'd only known each other for a day.  

"Hey! Boobear! The rain's stopped!" I said. I watched as he listened to the silence that the stopping rain had caused.  

"It has, Haz!" he said. "Hey! That sounds cool! has, Haz!" he said childishly.  

"Thank you, Haz." Louis said to me. I looked over the clock next to my bed and saw that It was 2am. I yawned just thinking about it. We had talked for 5 hours and didn't even notice how fast the time had flown.  

"Oh, Haz! You're tired. Go to sleep, Hazzabear." he said.  

"That's another nickname." I said tiredly. I pulled the covers tighter around me and looked at him. His blue eyes looking at me. I closed my eyes and sighed peacefully. Even though he wasn't there physically, for some reason, I could feel his presence with me and it made me feel calm and peaceful and that's how I went to sleep.

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