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"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature." ~Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

The next day turned out to be a bit of a bummer

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The next day turned out to be a bit of a bummer. How did she top eating pie with two of the hottest guys she'd ever laid eyes on? She'd spent a restless night rethinking everything she'd learned about the Thorsen twins, which in retrospect wasn't as much as it had sounded while they were seated in her tiny apartment. Maybe it'd been the fact both brothers dwarfed her furnishings, chosen for their cuteness rather than oversized comfort. They'd looked like giants in a doll house sitting on the bar stools against the backdrop of her very dainty, femininely decorated living room. She absolutely couldn't envision Axel sitting on the floral print chaise or Emerens browsing her tall white bookshelf holding all the paranormal romances she loved reading.

She giggled at the thought, wondering for the hundredth time today what the brothers were up to. A shiver ran through her wondering if they were fighting more beasts. Devourers, they'd called them. She remembered how they'd spun, their muscles tightening as theirs blades flashed in the moonlight. For their size, both brothers moved with a grace dancers would be jealous of. A rush of heat spread across her cheeks at the image of Axel's broad tattooed shoulders while she doctored his scratches. Rens' laughter tugged away the embarrassment, his broad smile filling her head.

She'd entered the number he'd given her the moment she closed the door, not risking losing it or heaven forbid, not having it at her fingertips if she honestly needed it. The doorbell rang causing her to jump, embarrassed to be caught swooning over two very off limits men. Swinging the door open, Delanie stood on the other side. A bottle of wine and a movie in her hand, the sinking sun framed her friend's silhouette in the doorway.

"Yay! You're here! Food arrived just a few minutes ago."

"You know I wouldn't miss it," Delanie replied as she walked in, laying her purse on the counter in the kitchen before rummaging in cabinet for two wine glasses. They'd been friends so long, neither thought anything of the other making themselves at home whenever they visited.

A couple hours later, food eaten, and most of the wine gone, the girls sat talking on the small sofa, remnants of their meal still sitting on the coffee table in front of them. The latest Thor movie still played in the background as she and Delanie fell into a comfortable silence.

"Thanks for the movie," Sloane said as the credits began to roll across the screen.

"I thought of you when I saw it. I knew you hadn't bought it yet." Sloane grinned, her thoughts easily slipping back to Axel and how much he reminded her of the hunky superhero or god. Or was Thor a god-superhero? Both. Definitely both, her mind assured providing the answer she searched for.

"What's that look for?" Delanie interrupted Sloane's internal ponderings as she realized she wore a far-off, goofy grin.

"What look? I don't know what you're talking about." Delanie raised one brow, not having to say a word as Sloane felt the words bubbling up wanting to spill out. She'd be a horrible hostage. She'd spill everything at just the thought of being interrogated.

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