Chapter 21

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Later that night at the northern part of campus, the same small raven-haired girl with sunglasses who is wearing a black jacket, black button-down shirt with blue jeans and boots was headed to Dr. Harker's office. Sprinting up the steps she was about to enter the building until a voice stopped her.

"Looking for some vitamin E?"

The startled the woman as she turned around to see three Crucis Sentinels-- Gamma Crucis, Delta Crucis, and Epsilon Crucis --staring back at her.

"I don't know what you're talking about," the woman said.

"You understand me," Epsilon Crucis teased. "You came here early this morning. On what kind of business, Miss--"

"My business," the woman cuts off. Finding humor in this, Epsilon Crucis walked up the steps to meet with the raven-haired woman.

"Yeah, that's really cute," Epsilon Crucis heckled. "You see, my little friend has a nose for smelling others a mile away. I have that kind of power, too. And right now, I smell a pig..."

"I'm not a cop," the woman taking offense.

"No, you're a fed," Gamma Crucis clarified. "Special Agent Carmela Winters, intelligence division? Your people are working with the mayor jointly. She gave us the information and told us to come find you."

She tried to play it off as the best she could, but she would be wasting her time and energy. She dropped the tough girl façade and acted more like herself: being professional and prompt.

"So, what gave it away?" Carmela admitted.

"Your jacket and your shoes. Yeah, sweetie. They all scream Sears department store, 75% off," Delta Crucis criticized.

Carmela took offense to the little girl's smart remarks. She worked very hard to blend in with the students at the campus. She really thought she was convincing enough. At least to the faculty, who saw her as another student...

Rightfully so, Carmela was flustered, "Bullshit, I got the shoes from nine west-- wait, why am I defending myself on what I wear? You all like you came straight out of an anime show. All we need now is a dungeon and a large bug monster, and it will be a two-bit hentai webcomic."

All three of the Crucis Sentinels found humor in this as they laughed it off.

"Yeah, point taken..." Gamma Crucis openly admitted.

"You won't see me writing that uninspired Bullshit," Epsilon Crucis added.

"How did you know I was going to be here?" Carmela being curious.

"You left your Sim card behind," Delta Crucis specified by showing her the chip.

"That bitch. I knew I dropped it somewhere! She's working with you, isn't she?!" Carmela outbursts.

"Be careful who you call a bitch, Winters!" Epsilon Crucis admonished.

Carmela was a bit stunned by having her cover blown, but she should have known better to maintain her composure, "O-okay, I'm sorry. But who are you again?"

"We are the Crucis Sentinels, sent by the Aethereal Queen to end this murderous nightmare," Gamma Crucis elegantly stated.

Maintaining her composure flew right out the window when Carmela heard that by busting out laughing, "are you fucking serious? Don't tell me that those stories I hear in Quantico are true?"

Gamma Crucis shot her a nasty glare and crossed her arms as she pouted, "That is correct."

There were a lot of rumors and federal reports about "magical females" or "Valkyries" aiding soldiers and policemen. There is even a particular department in the bureau that has these specific files archived. Many people don't know about this, yet there are a few who do and would rather not do too much. Carmela has always heard the stories about these particular females and always thought they were daydreams of her male colleagues.

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