Loon Lake Monster (Feeding Frenzy 2)

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Update: This weekend I wrote out the review outline for Loon Lake Monster, Book Two of the Loon Lake Magic Series. That's what I call it when I create an outline for how I want to rewrite the story.

Apparently, it's not unusual for writers to have trouble writing their second book so I guess I'm in good company. Writing the first draft of book 2 was fun and easy but the edit is driving me bonkers! Every time I sit down to write, the stress of it gets to me and suddenly reading my email and doing housework seem like the most urgent jobs on my list. 

I want to do a complete rewrite because I had a great idea to incorporate a murder investigation into the story. It fits, I just have to slip in all those events into the rough draft I have and cut out everything that doesn't work with this new story.

This means rewriting whole chapters from scratch. I think it will be my best story yet, but the rewrite is complicated, and scary. I'm procrastinating all over the place like I have writers' block. Maybe it's just fear of failure. Who knows? The way my creative mind works is still sometimes a mystery to me. Is yours?

But all is not lost. I will do what it takes to force myself to write through writer's block and finish, but I'd love to have your help. It's been too long since I posted chapters to Wattpad but first I have to answer one big question.

I was hoping you, wonderful readers, could help me decide. I have two choices:

1) Completely rewrite and then edit Loon Lake Monster before I post it to Wattpad. (This will take a long time but it will be more polished)

2) Post the chapters as I edit them. (This will happen a lot sooner but there will be typos and unpolished sentences)

Well, what should I do? If you plan on reading the story, please vote for #1 or #2?

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