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As 7th Anniversary of IPKKND is nearing we thought why not to conduct a contest based on OS.

But we won't be revealing the names as you will have to mail us the OS.

It will be based on OS.

Word count should be till 3000 not more than that. It can be lesser than that.

It should be a fresh work i.e. it shouldn't be published anywhere not on any platform. (It should not be your old work)

It should have a title.

You shouldn't reveal your name in any form and no one should know that you are participating in this.

If you are willing to be a part of it then mail us your OS at our mail id.

Mail id is 

Your entry will be a secret.

If we found that anyone apart from you know that you have written a particular OS then the said OS will be disqualified.

The last day to send us your OS is 2nd June 2018.

We think it's enough as you all will be having 10 days.

You can send any 2 entries not more than that.

If you have any doubts feel free to PM us. 

After mailing us the OS please do PM us so that we can check your entry.

We got this idea after knowing a similar contest is hosted on I-F by MrsASR

If you all want you can participate in that too...

P.S If you wish you can post the same entry which you posted on I-F for the IPKKND Anniversary Special Drabble Contest.. Only if MrsASR doesn't have any problem.



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