"Magic sure is a cool thing to have, Wish I had some cool magic to use" I say as I put 2 of the 4 sandwiches on the box's lid "Here, have some. I was thinking that you might be hungry also" I say as I handed Lili the lid.

She takes the lid from my hands "Um, thank you very much" I pick up a sandwich with a purple filling and was about to take a bite before Lili asks "Hey master (Y/n)? Would it be okay if I took the day off tomorrow?"

"Oh, Sure, that's not a problem. Is there something going on?" I ask.

"There's this big familia meeting, and I sorta have to be there" She then looks down with guilt "I know it's breach of contract, so I'm prepared to pay the price"

"Don't worry about it Lili. I don't think I told you but I'm not really like that, if you need the day off then you can have the day off, Just let me know beforehand" I say before taking a bit of the crunchy sandwich.

"Thanks..." She replies before taking a bite of her sandwich.

After we finished eating our sandwiches Lili gave me back the lid and I put the box back together before wrapping the box up and putting it back in Lili's bag.

"Ready to get back to work?" I say as I stood up.

"Yes master (Y/n)" Lili says as she stands up and puts on her bag.

We then head off back through the dark caves. I felt a presence of something watching us as we took our break and as we left the small room.

Part 2.

It was the next day and I walked over to the Hostess of Fertility before it opened so I could give Syr back the lunch box from yesterday. As I walked in to the in I saw Syr setting things up near the bar. I walked over to her with the empty lunch box in hand, The other girls of the Hostess of Fertility stopped and watched me and Syr.

"Here you go Syr" I say as I stuck out my hand to here with the empty lunch box in it.

"So your taking a little break today huh?" Syr asks as she took the box and looked at my casual clothes that I used to wear in the dungeon.

"I am, A day off here and there can't hurt. So, what do you like to do in your free time Syr?" I ask her.

She puts her finger on her chin, thinking, before replying "Reading I guess"

"Reading huh? I would read more but Hestia has all these complicated books that are way too complicated to understand" I say then looked behind Syr and I see a book on the shelf behind her "Modern magic that even a goblin can do?"

"That's something you would like? A customer left it here a while ago, I doubt they will ever come back. I would be glad to let you borrow it if you interested" Syr says as she takes the book off of the shelf and hands to me.

"Are you sure? I would like to learn some magic" I question as I take the book out of her hand.

"It's no trouble at all, just make sure you return it whenever you finish reading it" Syr says with a smile.

"Thanks Syr" I say with a wave.

"Your welcome" She says with a slight blush.

I then walk out of the Hostess of Fertility and started to head home. When I got back home I opened the door to the church that honestly needed to be fix. I look around and the church and it was still in champles.

"I really need to fix this place up sooner or later. Seriously, I don't think anyone would want to enter this place if it looks like this. Maybe when I get some time and extra cash I can do some fixing and cleaning. Maybe build some rooms of to the side of the walls also?"

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