Ch. 29 Revelation

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I sent Leo to the outsides of las noches to see if the girls manage to escape safely to a place. I was getting tense. Cause I have to meet Grimmjow tonight. I'm afraid he'll find out it was me behind this plan. Lyxander lay a hand on my shoulder to show support. I soon went to the where the rest of the women were to find Grimmjow scolding at a guard.

Grimmjow: "You dumbass how could you let them escape?!"

He slam the guard to the ground.

Guard: "We don't know how they disappear sir"

Grimmjow: "Wasn't there anyone watching?"

Guard: "No, sir. We were watching the show. The girl was too hot"

Grimmjow: "Don't look at her. Or think of her I'm going to claim her as my property"

Guard: "OK sir"

I began to get real nervous when he saw me, I quickly turn around to escape confrontation but it was too late he called me out.

Grimmjow: "Hey you where do you think you're going, pretty boy?"

I turn around acting stupid.

You: *making a man voice* "You talking to me boss?"

Grimmjow: "Come here"

I march in front of him. With one hand he cup my face, I was shaking in fear.

Grimmjow: "I never seen your face. But you look like someone I know"

You: "They tell me that a lot mostly if it's my sister"

Grimmjow: "Your sister?"

You: "That girl who dance last night is my sister"

Grimmjow: "You're her brother? Now that I think about you guys do look alike"

You: "Yeah"

Grimmjow: "I'm going admit she's sexy as fuck. But it's a shame she's a whore"

I got so angry with that comment I launch my fist to his face.

You: "She's not a whore. You cocky son of a bitch"

Grimmjow then knock me off my feet.

Grimmjow: "Guard chain this imbecile and whip him until he bleeds on the ground"

I was taken and chain. I was getting whip endlessly. I won't cry I said to myself. I won't give him that pleasure. I held the agonizing pain and the burning flesh from all those marks the whip left behind. My blood was getting drain as it stain the floor as everyone witness this.

I was then abandon for the rest of the day when Lyxander came by.

Lyxander: "Candy what were you trying to prove. You could have gotten caught that you were a female"

You: "I don't know he got me angry and I punch him"

Lyxander: "You need to get cleaned up"

Lyxander carried me back to his room and he shower me, it sting like hell. He put bandages on them so the bleeding would stop. Leo return with news.

Leo: "Candy everyone is fine. Oh my God your back"

You: "Shut up"

Lyxander: "I can't believe this"

You: "I'm not going to see that asshole, I'm just going to perform to liberate the rest of them"

Lyxander: "Candy you deserve better. You done so much...but you're only human"

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