Chapter 2: Ming

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I love my life!

In all 17 years of my life, at this moment, I can say that everything is going my way. I don't want to sound conceited, but my life is close to perfect.

No really.

I come from a well-off family. (Though my father is an ass.) I have a best friend that I can depend on for anything. I am handsome, tall and have a six pack. I could get any girl I want. I wanted Moowan, and I got her.

She was perfect for me too. She had the body, the face, status, the hair. Brown beautiful hair! I can't remember what brought about my brown hair obsession, I think it might have been some older girl I liked in primary or something, but I know it's what I like. Moowan had long brown hair that matched her straight teeth and dark brown eyes perfectly. I hated the fact that she put so much product and hairspray in it all the time, but hey it looked good on her.

You can find those physical characteristics on several girls if you knew where to look. My Moowan was special. I knew it from the first day I laid my eyes on her. She always knew how to brighten my day. A little bossy sometimes, but that just added to her cuteness. I loved how she snapped at girls that tried to come near me, and then dangle on me for the rest of the day.

My best friend Wayo thinks I'm a love-struck fool. Which I immediately denied the first time, but I've realized now that he may be right. I have it bad. I still won't admit it to him.

I might be blinded by my love for her, but that wouldn't have stopped me from making rational decisions. I knew the direction I wanted my life to go. I was going to faculty of business in university with Moowan, and Yo would go to faculty of science in the same University. I will ask Moowan to become engaged our second year, and then marry her after graduation. We will move officially to Bangkok, and start our lives there. I will be working at a branch from my dad's company he is associated with, and Moowan would most likely work under her father. I will work my ass off to make something of myself. I call it: The Perfect Life Plan! Where everyone wins, even my father who won't have to deal with me anymore.

I know it's a little rash to be thinking that far into the future. The tiny specifics may change over the years, but the destination is still the same. With my loved ones by my side and my father as far away from me as possible.

Yea, I hate my father. I guess it is quite obvious by now. He was a few inches taller than myself, with handsome features that were put to waste because he always frowning and scowling, or at least from my perspective. It frustrated me that I looked so much like him. Every time we talk we always ended in a large argument or in some cases a slap across the face.

Take an argument we had back in my second year in high school. We had an argument about my flirtatious habits.

My father had called me into his study after dinner one night. He stared down at me, then let out a deep breath in frustration. I knew what was coming the moment he opened his mouth. "The way we present ourselves to the public is crucial boy! One mistake can ruin everything. I mean look at Wayo's mother, that bitch lost her entire future! For what? Sex. Alcohol. Do you want that to be your future? Keep letting those skanks mooch off of you and you will be stuck with a bastard child yourself."              

Did I mention that he was a total douche bag?!

"Just because you struck out with her in high school, doesn't give you right to bash on my best friends mom like that!! You're such an ass! You know that right! You know nothing about Wayo! How dare you treat him as some kind of mistake auntie made?"   

"You dare speak to me that way BOY!" he stormed to me, and raised his hand above his head in a striking position.  His eyes scowled down at me, then he halted walking away from me. Seeing that he was getting nowhere in this conversation he excused me from his study. After that night I was cut off for a week. I crashed at Wayo's most of that time to piss him off even more. This was one of our arguments we had before I met Moowan. He hated the fact that his son was seeing different girls every week. Or to make it more specific, he hated the way it made our family look to the public, when his only son couldn't keep his junk in his pants.

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