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I look straight out into the open air , letting the breeze hit my face. I sit on the edge of the cliff -taking in all thats happening. 'Why cant my life be nornal'. Something caught my attention , i look around to see a car going over 100mph towards me.

I move to the side and the car carries on going, i blink for one second- by the time i opened them the car was in the sea. I was waiting for the moment for the person to come back up but they didnt.

I stripped down to my undergarments- i take 10 steps back before running and jumping of the edge. I close my eyes letting my body take the flow, the impact of the water clicking me back into reality. I swim deeper down going towards the car.

The car was going lower and lower-i swim to the door trying to open it but it was locked. I banged the window until it broke -i slipped my hand into the windo opening the door from the inside. I grab the tall brunet out and swim to the top.

I put him on my back and swin to the nearest land- i laid him down. I hesitated before giving him cpr. After a while he woke up choking the water up, he looked at me "thankyou soo much umh no mean to be rude who are you"he asked "im shannon umh no problem"

1~year later

"Shawn" i call to my husband "yes" he asked "i want to cuddle" i say -he climbs on to the sofa and cuddles me "i love you thankyou sooo much for that day " i smile "i love you to shawn and that day was a sign beacuse look at us today" i say before he kisses me. Your probly all woundering what happend. Well me and shawn are now engaged that day when i saved him we exchanged number- and got to know each other and i believe this is god sending a sign because now we are one happy family

The end x


Hey Shannon1300 i hope you like, all credits go to shannon on this idea i hope you all vote and comment ly guysxx❤❤

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