Chapter 2

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The next morning I woke up at 6:30am to my phone buzzing and falling off of the coffee table onto the floor. I was still wrapped in Niall's arms so I was careful getting up so I didn't wake him.

Once I reached my phone I saw what it was spazzing about. I had another freaking dentist appointment. You see, I have major problems with my teeth. They were eroded and wearing down because of throwing up. My mum (who honestly couldn't have cared less) and my doctor both believe it to be from acid reflux but I knew it wasn't. I wasn't throwing up because of acid reflux. I was throwing up because I wanted to be thinner. Everytime I looked in the mirror I hated myself. Everytime someone else looked at me I felt like in there heads they were saying "Wow. She's a fatass.". I tried being anorexic but Niall caught onto that really fast so I decided throwing up would be the easiest way to keep it a secret.

After about 5 minutes of sitting on the ground with my phone in my hands living through mini flashbacks, I finally got myself moving. I made Niall a quick breakfast and brought it out to the living room. Then I woke him up gently because I realized that I wouldn't be able to drive home from the dentist after the gas. He smiled when he opened his eyes and said "Good morning! Are we going to school today?"

I laughed, he sounded like a little kid. "Nope. Somewhere much much worse." I said in the scariest voice I could come up with at 6:42 in the morning.

He held back his laughter as he grabbed the blanket and pulled up to cover up just below his eyes acting like a frightened puppy. He then said "Oh no! What place could possibly be worse than school?"

I kept playing and said "The DENTIST. DUN DUN DUHHHHH"

Niall gasped and clapped his hand over his mouth. After he did that we both burst into laughter. Yeah we were idiots who laughed at stupid things but you can find humor in anything when your with your absolute best friend.

A few minutes and 3 eruptions of laughter later we had finally pulled ourselves together. I try to live in the moments when we laugh like this for as long as I can because it doesn't last long before my depression hits like a truck going full speed and those thoughts of being ugly and not good enough creep back into my head.

Niall shook me from my thoughts when he waved a hand in front of my face and said " Earth to Lina!"

"Sorry I guess I just zoned out for a second." I said with a smile so I could cover up what I was thinking about.

"It's alright. Just, what time do you have to be at the dentist?" he said smiling.

"Ummm my appointment's at 7:45... so we should probably leave by 7:30. Do you need a shower?" 

"I don't know, you tell me, do I stink?" He said as he lifted his arm and shoved my face in his armpit.

When he let me go I came out fake coughing and gagging, he found this funny and said "Should I take that as a yes?" while holding back his laughter. 

"No your fine! I just wanted to make you worry."

After this I ran upstairs and put sweatpants and a sweatshirt on and threw my hair up in a messy bun. If I was going to have to sit in that torture chair at the crack of dawn I was at least going to be comfortable while doing it.

I ran down the stairs and tripped on the last step. I braced myself for impact with the floor but instead Niall caught me and started laughing. I just pouted until he put me down. Then I burst into laughter. Next thing we were in full hysterics.

Niall was gasping for air as he said "HAHAHAHAHA You should've seen the look on your face when you thought you were going down! HAHAHAHA" 

When we both had gotten ourselves under control we walked outside and got into the car and drove to the dentist's office. On the way there Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, Want u Back by Cher Lloyd and (a throwback) Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3 came on the radio during the car ride. We rolled down the windows and screamed the lyrics as loud as we could. This earned a few strange looks from moms at bus stops and grandmas out on walks but we had fun. 

Once we reached the dentists office we hopped out of the car and walked in trying to be as professional as possible.

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