chapter 15.

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I stood there nervously. One thing I know is that I could never be more nervous than the trainees themselves. My eyes searched for Xukun.

When I found him I caught him staring at me. Then he flashed a smile. After I let out a light chuckle, I waved at him. He didn't respond because Yixing spoke up and revealed the rankings.

The first ranking which will be announced is Group B. Interested I watched the announcement. A few trainees were being listed and I continued to listen to it.

Xukun, Fen and Yanjun weren't being announced. I looked over to Fen and discovered a disappointed look. My shoulders dropped and I began to worry.

That means Fen might have dropped..

Yixing began to announce ranking C. I thought of Yanjun who was supposed to be in this group. Hopefully he'll climb up to A.

The PD called the trainees out but no sign of Yanjun. I was shocked by the result. So it means he either dropped or got a higher rank.

When I looked at him I couldn't read his mind at all. I didn't know if he was upset or happy. It's more likely he would be neutral now because he doesn't know his result either.

I paid my attention to Yixing again when he started to name the trainees in rank D. While biting my nails I listened to the names carefully.

"Lin Yanjun." escaped Yixing's mouth without any emotions at all. Yanjun's expression changed. He was disappointed by the result. And so was I.

All I knew was that he would blame himself and overwork himself. There's nothing I could do except being worried as hell.

We moved towards the rank F. My hopes began to build up so that not many trainees would be in it. But another disappointment.

Fen's name was announced and I began to feel really upset. I glanced over to him and saw him with a sad expression. He buried his face in his hands.

I wanted to walk over to him and hug him but there's no way I could. "I'm sorry Fen." were the words I mouthed. I felt a gaze burning on my back so I turned around and noticed Jackson looking away quickly.

My mind became brighter as I heard loud cheers. I looked over to the trainees and my eyes landed on a happy Xukun.

It took me a few seconds to realise that the remaining trainees were ranked A which included Xukun. I began to scream loudly out of joy.

Yixing shot a glance at me. His intimidating gaze brought myself to calm down. I didn't cheer anymore out loudly but inside me. My happiness couldn't be described in words.

When everyone got up from their seats I walked over to Xukun. He waited for me with a big smile on his face. I looked around if there was anyone. Luckily, there wasn't.

I hugged him tightly out of happiness. "You did great!" I praised him.

He loosened the hug and pecked my lips. "I couldn't have done it without your help."

I giggled. We wanted to turn around but we saw a very surprised person. I couldn't help it but let out a gasp.


"Oh.. so you have this kind of connection.." he said with a quiet voice.


Short chapter ik, sorry!

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