Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapter Seven]

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<P>Ariane's P.O.V</P>

<P>I woke up in the morning with a killer headache. It wasn't because I had a hangover, I never get hangovers, it's because I went to bed crying. I sat up slowly remebering the events of last night. Me and Stephen slept together, which was amazing. But also, my brother found out that Carson was dead, and someone is after me and all my loved ones, out to seek revenge. My stomach dropped, and I heaved a great sigh. I felt stirring on both sides of me, and I found Rory and Stephen fast asleep on either side of me. I smiled a small smile, seeing the boys I love in the morning, and knowing that they were here for me, and that they will keep me safe. But that smile soon faded, because once again, knowing someone was after us, made me feel depressed again. I know just the thing to do to get my mind off of this horrible news. I jumped in the shower, and let the hot water run all over my body. I wonder if they team of police have been sent here yet. I feel sorry for all the families that I am taken their husbands or wives away, just to watch my stupid life. I sighed and felt a presence beside me. I turned around to see Stephen in the shower with me. My eyes moved down from his eyes, and I felt myself blush when I saw his manhood. My gaze was quickly lifted up to Stephen's eyes when I heard a chuckle. "Not this morning baby, after being told that someone is after you last night, I don't think I could get into the mood." He replied, pulling me into a warm, loving hug. I smiled, and breathed the fragrance in of this man that I love. We have only been together for a day, but the feelings I have for him are strong, as if they had been there all along. Maybe they have been and I didn't notice it before. Stephens smooth voice interrupeted me from my inner babbling, " So what are your plans for the day?" I looked up at him with shock on my face. He noticed my expression and answered with a bit of worry in his voice. " Ariane listen, I understand that there is someone after you, or us for that matter, but are you really going to stop living because of it ? I know I must sound crazy, but just hear me out. You have me and Rory, as well as the whole football team watching out for you. And as if that's not enough, we also have teams of police, and if needed, they will bring in SWAT. I don't want you to give the satisfaction that this creep wants by stopping living, because honestly, you are making his job easier." I felt the shock wear off my face, and knew it was replaced by a small smile, and loving eyes.</P>

<P>Stephen's P.O.V</P>

<P>I felt Ariane get out of bed, but I let her be. She headed into the shower, and I felt like she needed a little bit of alone time. Last night was more then amazing, words couldn't explain the feelings that were shared between me and A, that was of course before we were interupted by Rory's bad news. I felt Rory stir beside me, and heard him moan in my sleep. Oh god, I forgot I was laying in bed with Rory, and now he is moaning in his sleep, sorry Ariane, but your time is now over. I jumped off the bed and looked at Rory with disgust. Nasty .. I ran into the steam filled bathroom, and saw Ariane's clothing laying on the floor. I felt my gaze lift up, and I saw the silhouette of the women I love. I quickly undressed and jumped in the shower with her. She must not have heard me because she jumped, startled by my presence. This was the time I had to tell her what was on my mind. I gave her the whole speech of continuing to do stuff, as she would any other day. She looked at me with love and care written all over her face. "Silly boy." She replied. I looked at her, with a questioning look. She giggled and answered with a shrug of her shoulders, " I'm going to get a tattoo today . See, I told you I am not going to stop living." I smirked at her, and all the possiblities of what she could get for a tattoo and where started playing in my head. The loud flushing of the toilet ripped me and Ariane from our moment, as we felt the water turn from extremely hot to froze. "RORY, YOU'RE DEAD !" Ariane scram and she jumped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and chasing after her laughing brother. And that left me to freeze alone, in the shower, with not even a towl. "ARIANE ! I NEED A TOWEL !" I hollared at her, but there was no answer as the giggles and chuckling was lost in the huge house.</P>

<P>Unknown's P.O.V</P>

<P>I saw that pig go into the shower with Ariane, and I could feel my face buring with jealousy. That bitch, how could she just let him walk in and stay there. It's about time I start taking some action. I slid on the ski mask, and made my way through the window into Ariane's room. I quickly jogged out, while staying quiet, and hid in her parents room. It seems that for as long as I have been watching this family, the parents never come home, and the children never dare to come into this room. Except for Ariane, every now and then. So of course, I will stay here, until that day she arrives, and then some of my revenge will be sought out. Of course, I'm not going to kill her yet, I am going to wait till Rory and Tylee is gone. Then I am going to torture Stephen and Ariane. I'll beat Stephen while he is tied up, and he cannot do anything, right before Ariane. And before I kill Stephen, I will take Ariane right infront of him, and make him wish he could rip my head off, and finally I have decided instead of killing one and then the other. They are going to be killed at the same time. I smirked at myself as I thought of the endless possiblities I could do to Stephen and Ariane.</P>

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