Chapter 3:

It had passed a day very slowly. Narcissa was sitting on a leather couch at her living room. Her husband Lucious was at the Ministry of Magic. The two babies were still sleeping on their own respective room. With a POP and elf stands in front of Narcissa with The Daily Prophet. It was Dobby the Malfoy's house elf.

"Dobby has get ya the Daily Prophet ,Miss Narcissa" said Dobby. The elf hand her over the Daily Prophet and she take it. She was shocked too see the front page. There were an image of Bellatrix wearing a gray type of prisoner clothes, her hair was a mess. Dobby disappear , Narcissa began to read out loud.

Bellatrix Lestrange murdered her own daughter

The scene took yesterday at her house when two Auror's by name Arnold Weasley and Fletcher Bill Weasley, his brother, interrupted to her house to arrest her for the committed crime she did to Alice and Frank Longbottom, tortured them and take her baby Lexindra Claire Riddle. She disappear with her daughter and killed her on a far forest. She came back to her house and by surprise Arnold and Fletcher Weasley arrest her for the committed crimes. Her daughter body haven't been found

Then it was another tittle under it.

You-Know-Who have vanished !!

Narcissa stopped reading The Daily Prophet.

While on the Ministry of Magic, Bellatrix was on a cage wearing prisoner clothes. Wizards and witches were siting on their respective seats ,surrounding her, she was on the middle of the room. She spot Lucious staring at her.

"Bellatrix Lestrange you had been sentenced for life in Azkaban for torturing Alice and Frank Longbottom with the Cruciatus curse and for the murder of your own daughter Lexindra Claire Riddle using the killing curse."said the Ministry

Albus Dumbledore was seating on the front row. He knew that Bellatrix didn't killed her daughter ,she was so smart to not killed her, she wanted her daughter to follow her mother foot step. Like mother and daughter.So Bellatrix had hidden her or gave it to someone else. He need to find Lexi.


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