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Personal Bio

You can call me Jager or Mae, pick one. As far as experience, I've been fairly successful with several of my projects here on Wattpad and have consistently been able to please my college professors with my written work. I genuinely enjoy both reading and writing (shocker), which of course is why I'm here.

Getting down to something a little more interesting... I'm majoring in exercise science going for athletic training and I practice a couple different kinds of martial arts and a fighting style called Krav Maga. What that boils down to is this: I can provide some authoritative voice when you are trying to write things like fights and their resultant injuries. If I don't know something 100% I will put in the leg work to research it (because that's the shit I'm interested in so even if you don't want to make the changes I suggest, odds are I already looked it up to satisfy my own curiosity) as far as wound realism and treatment go. I can also provide you with realistic fighting techniques whether your character has no clue how to fight, or is a seasoned badass.

My favorite question has always been "WHY", so expect to get that a lot. I firmly believe you can do whatever the hell you want in a work of fiction (turns out that's what makes it fiction) but you need to have a why ready and waiting, otherwise, I find that readers won't buy what you're selling. Expect to get a lot of motivator questions from me.

There's a difference between kind and nice. I will always strive to be kind. I will comment on stuff I like. But kind requires me to be real, too. I'll tell you what I think could stand some polishing in your work. I'll tell you if I think something isn't coming off very well, but I'll do it kindly, and if I have the time I'll even be willing to work with you to find a new way to spin it if you're so inclined (note the "If I have the TIME, part, please).

I also tend to be very detail oriented. If you would like me to, I will go through however many chapters we decide on and point out grammar and mechanics blah blah. I will always strive to give you a different option if I think a sentence is worded a little oddly, and don't be afraid to ask me why if I leave a correction, I'll be more than happy to discuss why I made the correction.

Finally, I'm not scared of long chapters. Hit me with it.

Preferred Genres

Paranormal, Fantasy, Horror, Action/Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, Historical and SciFi

I MIGHT be willing to do certain fanfictions, but realize that I am a purist (I tend to like characters the way they are the first time, with a few notable exceptions). I don't like when people take characters I already love and go off the deep end with them. If you want me to check out your fanfiction, pitch it and I will take a cursory look to decide if it's something that's not going to make my hair stand on end.

Non-Preferred Genres

Poetry (I have zero experience with it and don't particularly care for it as a form though I respect those who can do it), Romance (I'll read stuff with romantic aspects, but something that is purely romance isn't my cup of tea, no matter how hot it is), Teen Fiction, Chicklit

(Most of these stem from a simple quirk about me: If it isn't bloody, it isn't fun. I literally get in fights for fun. Those genres tend to be noticeably lacking in knock down, drag out, busted knuckles fights)

Relevant Experience

I've done a lot of bookclubs here on Wattpad. I have a track record of people reaching out to me to tell me at least one of my comments has been very helpful. For those of you familiar with Rebel Town, I've also been named a Rebel Legend.

Projected Time Frame

I can reasonably do about three to four chapters per week, though, this is negotiable. The longer your chapters are the fewer I can reasonably and effectively read per week. (Like I said, I'm detail oriented. I'm thorough, because the details matter, which means I won't just be breezing through these chapters).

Also, I tend to have spurts of motivation. I might do one chapter Monday, then three chapters all in a row on Wednesday. If I commit, it WILL get done, but patience and politeness are key with me. I'm not constantly glued to my devices, so if I don't immediately answer, don't fret. I'll get to you, AND I will get those chapters read and thoroughly critiqued/beta-read.

Communication Preference

PM will be the most effective way to get to me. Like I said, realize I'm not glued to my devices. Sometimes you'll get an immediate answer, sometimes I might not get back to you for an hour, though I can guarantee that I will get to you within twenty-four hours.

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