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"Kimora! Wait up!"

I walked faster, shaking my head wanting Jaxon to stop following me. I was angry. No, I was fucking furious. I didn't want to be around Jaxon any longer. I can't believe him. I should've known better. He didn't care about any girl's feelings. Why did I believe that we could actually get along for once?

The scene earlier kept replaying in my head.

"Girlfriend?" I looked between Bhumi and Jaxon.

I guess they looked pretty good together. Bhumi looked perfect with Jaxon. Her taupe skin, her big brown eyes, her small yet plump lips. Her long black hair cascaded into loose curls down her back. 

I rubbed my fist, feeling... jealous? Or maybe it was envy?

No, it is definitely worry.

"She's your girlfriend," I said but, my voice raised making it seem more like a question. I just needed to verify it for myself. My breathing seemed uneven and I fought the urge from attacking Jaxon when he nodded. I didn't know he had a girlfriend. Here I was sitting at a table on a date with him.

My heart dropped to my stomach. Audrey looked at me concerned. Bhumi and Jaxon both burst out into a laughter.

"I'm only kidding," Jaxon chuckled uncontrollably.

I glared at him and got up from the table, walking out of the restaurant.

And that's what lead me to where I was now. Walking away to avoid being embarrassed. For the minute I was sitting in the room, I believed I just reverted back to my past that I promised I wouldn't do. It shook me down to the core. I didn't want that again...

A hand grabbed my arm and I faced Jaxon. His stupid smirk plastered on his face while I was out of breath. "It's okay to be a little territorial, Kitten."

I slapped his hand off of me. "Shut up and leave me alone!"

He chuckled. "It was just a joke. You think I'd actually be tied down." He extended his hand for me to take. "Come back-"

"Well, I'm sorry I'm not joining on the laughter." I spat out, balling my shaking hands into fists. He saw how serious I was and his playful look faded away.

"What's wrong?"

"Don't worry about it..." I turned away ready to walk but, Jaxon stepped in front of me.

"Tell me-"

I interrupted him. "Don't worry about it, okay?!" My voice cracking and Jaxon looked surprised at my sudden outburst. His eyes softened as if he knew what I was feeling right now. I reverted my gaze to the ground. I couldn't look at him, not now when I'm on the verge of punching him in his face for doing this to me.

The sound of footsteps came towards us but, I didn't bother looking up. "We'll see you at school tomorrow, Jaxon."

A hand pressed on my back and I looked up at Audrey. She gave me a sad smile as we started walking.


"All better now, now?"

I nodded, eating the pancakes that Audrey and I had picked up before we crashed at my place since it was closer. It was odd to be eating pancakes at 11 PM, the clerk surely thought so but, we didn't care. Audrey decided to spend the night and we've been up sitting in a comfortable silence. She just now decided to start speaking.

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