Chapter 15

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3rd person's pov.

When Mahiru was done. He ask his uncle if he can keep those Boxes that can lead to his true Identy, his curious who is his parents is since his keep dreaming with it. But he won't go further more on finding who he really is.Beside he loves what he is now and that is all the matteR.

Past doesn't matter, what matter is what the future is going to be.

"Mahiru?" Kuro called while he is at his Eve shoulder.

"Yes?" Mahiru didn't look atKuro but keep walking while carrying a boz in his hands full of his Mom memories.

"can we eat something? You didn't eat lunch too since you just clean that place." Kuro said lazily.

"We can eat at home, I'll cook something. " Mahiru said with a smile.

"Ah.. Well-" Kuro cut himself when he notice something is not right. He jump down and turn to his human form gladly its already night and no one did saw him do that except for someone who is spying on them.

"Kuro? Is something matter?" Mahiru ask tilting his head cutely. Well for Kuro he think his eve was cute that time.

Kuro look away at Mahiru, "well I think-" kuro cut his words when he heard a 'thud' Kuro look at the direction and saw his eve was unconsious laying on the floor. Kuro quickly held Mahiru but before he knew it he was send flying away from Mahiru.

Kuro look up and saw a unknown man standing there while holding a stun gun.

"Hello sleepy Ash~"  the guy said. Kuro glare at that guy.

"Who the hell are you?" Kuro growl.

The man lean down and got Mahiru in his arms.

"Well you will find out once you will." The man reply.

kuro glare and growl at the man. "Give him back." Kuro said and attack.

The man jump and kick Kuro in the head leading Kuro was laying on the ground.He quickly stand up and look at the man who is smirking at him.

"Well sleepy ash see you."the man said. Kuro summon his claw and was about to attack but the it was too late. The man with Mahiru disappeared with a bunch of Black smoke.

Kuro cursed hisself and look around.

"You let him take you precious. Isn't that like-not caring?"

The demon in his head said.

"Shut up!" Kuro said feeling irritated. Who in the hell is that man? He swear if ever he will fin that man he will show no mercy and for some reason his hands is now itching for the kill.

Kuro now shook his head. He first need to calm down and re-think. How in hell he was suppose fo find his love when that man just disappeared out of black smoke? All he remember was that mans Face.

Is it possible that that man is involved with C3 and The servamp of Melancholy? But if so, why after Mahiru and bot him?

Well to think, His weakness is Mahiru itself. Its like his world will be like the past, dark and darkness itself was Kuro's world when Mahiru didn't came to his world. But now his light is taken from him, he would do anything anything this time to bring back his light, his life, his love, his eve, His mahiru.

Mahiru is the only thing that he owns, the only thing he have.

Little did Kuro knows, he is surrounded by a black-blue smoke awra while thinking how to kill the man who take Mahiru from him. His claws was still on and his jacket that part of his weapon started to go up.

But next thing he knows he got shot by a bullet. When that happens he fell on the ground.

"Hm~ I wonder why is he here?" Mikuni said as he stand up beside Kuro's unconscious body. "And to think where is his Eve?" Mikuni said looking around to find no one.

"Mikuni, Look." Jeje said as he pointed a Blx. Mikuni curiously walk towards the box. He pick one of the Item and saw a picture. A Two teenage girl with brown hair, One has a Ponytail style and the second one wears a Simple head band and her hair was curl. Between them is a Teenage boy with brown hair. The Girl with head band have honey colored eyes, Like what Mahiru had. And the Teenage boy did really look Mahiru.

Mikuni look everywhere and didn't find Mahiru anywhere.

"Where could his Eve be? That guy is not a person to leave something like this in the middle of this road and With this Guy (pointing at Kuro) being A chaotic." Mikuni wonders.

"Something must Happened." Jeje said. "Lets call Lily and tell him about this." Jeje suggested.

"Good and Bad Idea. Lily can help but You know Misono doesn't love his Cute Older Brother and Abel-chan too." Mikuni whined and held the doll so soft.

Jeje rolled his eyes, "your such a Doll Freak." Jeje said.

"Well, You look stupid thats all I can say." Mikuni said.

Bullets was shot to him and He manage to dodge it all.

Jeje decided to call Lily, Liky went immediately to the scene with Misono. Misono Can't really say No, Mahiru thought him to Value his Servamp. And he will starting From the day he met Mahiru. So Even he hate his bastard of a Brother, He can't stop Lily when Jeje needs his Brother. Beside he doesn't want That Lily and his Brother will be like Him and Mikuni. He never dream of that.

"Hi, Doubt-niisan." Lily said with a smile.

"Why'd You call? Do you want me to see Stripping?" Lily said already Stripping.

"NO!" Jeje shouted.

"Lily! How dare You STRIP AGAIN!" Misono said and throw a book towards Lily's Face.

Lily fix his clothes and held his nose. "No Misono, Not my face. Its the most beautiful thing, Well Everything in me is Beautiful." Lily said attempting to strip again, Misono elbow Lily's Ribs.

"Woa~ Never thought you actually Came, Could it be that you are worriwd about me and Abel-chan?" Mikuni ask Playfully.

Misono just tch and look away. "As if I would." Misono murmur.

"By the way Why did you call us Brother?" Lily ask.

Jeje look at the unconscious Black Cat lying on the floor. He started to explain what they found and Misono got worried.

Mahiru was missing.

They decided to bring Kuro to the mansion along with Mahiru's stuff. They need to Find Mahiru as soon as possible or else, he will be in a great danger.

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