Chapter One

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*Niall’s POV*

We were home finally. We’d just gotten back from Australia and Harry and Zayn had both gone to visit their families in varies parts of the country. Liam had gone on holiday with Danielle to the Caribbean. Louis was staying in London to spend time with Eleanor. I couldn’t visit my parents or brother due to bad weather and so I was stuck in London.

At first I enjoyed having time to myself after having been on tour for so long and spending 24 hours a day with the other boys but after a week I was getting bored and, truth be told, lonely. Josh was also stuck in England but he had family in England so he wasn’t trapped in London like me.

I’m bored out of my brain sitting in front of the TV watching grease. I normally liked Grease but it was the last thing I wanted to be watching right now, it just reminded me of Louis which really isn’t helping my mood.

My phone vibrated in my pocket, I hoped it was Liam; he always managed to cheer me up. Nope, just my luck, it’s the one person who I really didn’t want to think about right now, Louis.

Hey can I come over?

Why? Doesn’t he have better things to do? Like hang with Eleanor.

Sure. I’m not doing anything interesting though. I replied

Neither am I. I’ll be over in a while.

Great, he only wants to hang out with me because he’s bored.

He showed up about ten minutes later.

‘Hey Niall, what ya watching?’ He asked as he walked through the front door and into the living room. It was in an add break.

‘Grease.’ I said in a bored voice

‘Really?’ Louis’ face lit up, I forgot how much he liked this film. ‘Awesome, I love Grease. Have you had dinner?’

‘Nope.’ I replied popping the ‘p.’

‘Wanna order pizza?’ he asked sitting down next to me, closer then I was really comfortable with.

‘Have I ever said no to food?’ I asked smiling at him.

He grinned at me making my breathing hitch. Dude get a hold of yourself, I thought mentally slapping myself.

‘Cool, what do ya want?’ Louis asked ‘Chicken teriyaki right?’

I’m grinning like an idiot, he knows me way to well.

‘I’ll go order it.’ He squeezed my knee before standing up and heading for the kitchen. Despite what I had been thinking earlier Louis was actually making me feel better.

He was back a couple of minutes later sitting down next to me again, still smiling.

‘So where’s Eleanor tonight?’ I asked

I thought I saw pain cross his face for a moment before he covered it up with his usual grin. ‘What I’m not allowed to spend time with my Nialler?’

His Nialler? I swallowed before answering ‘Of course you are, I’ve missed my boo bear too.’

‘Aww, Niall!’ Louis exclaimed before throwing himself at me and burying his face in my chest.

I patted his back awkwardly. I’m glad he can’t see my face because it was turning several different shades of scarlet.

‘So what have you been doing the last couple of days?’ Louis asked once he sat back up.

‘Nothing much, shopping, eating and playing way too many computer games.’  I replied ‘Actually it’s been pretty boring. There’s only so much you can do in London by yourself.’

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