chapter 14.

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When Jackson left you thought everything through and lastly came to a solution.

I guess I have to do that..

The next morning I left my room with a cup of coffee in my hand. Someone covered my eyes from behind and I flinched by surprise.

"W-Who is it?" I tried to guess by touching his hand.

Slowly he removed his hands and smiled brightly at me.

"Fen!" I smiled relieved by seeing him. He walked to the practice room with me. Fen already noticed something strange since I don't talk at all.

"You okay?" he asked with a worried look.

I stuttered while looking at him. "Y-Yeah."

The lie didn't work at all since he noticed there was something going on. I didn't talk as much as I normally did.

"I want you to tell me about everything later." After that and a quick smile he ran off.

When I reached the practice room of group D nobody was in there. I looked around but didn't find anyone.

A sudden voice startled me. He stood in front of the door. Only me and him in the room.

"The new rankings are out.. Since we had a performance as you know.." he smiled at me and I saw how nervous he was.

"Thanks.. I'll come with you." I walked towards the door but he didn't let me pass. His strong arm prevented me from leaving.

"What are you-" I got cut off as he started to talk a bit aggressive. "Why where you with him yesterday?!"

I looked at him, unable to say anything. "What-" he cut me off again. "I know you don't like him that way!"

Xukun came closer to me. His body blocked the view of the door. I got a bit scared. Then he asked me a sudden question.

"You like me right?"

My whole head became red and I began to sweat. I wanted to avoid him. What am I doing?

Xukun smirked and became calm. "I knew it."

He pushed me against the wall and I was caught off guard. He was the only one I could see. I didn't care about anyone else.

Xukun began to come closer. Calmly he said "Close your eyes"

I did as he said and the next thing I could feel are his soft lips pressing on mine. This was a moment I wanted to stop and keep on doing forever.

This is something dangerous but I want it. I could lose my job but I didn't care at this moment.

The kiss lasted long and he touched my hands. When we loosened up he hugged me tightly.

"Let's date Y/N"

"I take that as a yes." he chuckled and released me from the hug. I smiled at him.

"Let's go now. We have to know the rankings! Even tho I know you'll be A again." I made my way to the door with little jumps.

When Xukun came to me he ruffled my hair. "Of course I will."

I fake-pouted and tried to straighten my hair. Then he laughed and went to where the rankings are going to be decided. I ran after him.

When we entered the room together, most trainees already were seated. I looked around to find where I belong to.

I waved to Xukun because he had to sit down. Then I spotted Yixing. He gestured me to come to him. So I did.

When I arrived I saw Jackson. I greeted him with a bright smile and he was surprised and smiled awkwardly back.

Yixing noticed it and tried to keep on doing what he had to do. "I'll go now.." he looked at me. "I have to reaveal the rankings.."


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